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How did we get the birds nest out of the cellphone tower?

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 30-Jul-2009 15:21

With reference to my blog post from last year.

Because of the V-Day rollout, Vodafone came to the party and their site services team cleared out half a dozen nests in the South Island.

They used a huge, powerfull water-blaster plant and effecively blew them away!

Full credit to them, they did a great job and cleaned up after themselves too.

Gore takes the prize for the biggest; 3-4m thick!

No idea what happened to the birds. There are usually some rather accommodating Telecom towers near by Wink

Many thanks for all you suggestions (explosives would have been fun).

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How do I get a birds nest out of a cellphone tower?

Comment by johnr, on 30-Jul-2009 16:57

Flame thrower would have worked a treat and had KFC after

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