The war of the packets | Protecting the internet from DDoS

, posted: 28-Aug-2020 13:16

Internet companies are under DDoS siege. Is the best defence a strong offense? [1]Preface: While I appreciate what is proposed in this blog may be extreme and have flaws, it is just a proposed idea. Comments and critique are welcome.
Why we need to take the offensive to all those who don't want to play their role in keeping one of humanity's biggest achievements from being destroyed.
The internet and how it operates is something most people take for granted. As long as they can grab (read the entire post)...

Why New Zealand becoming Australia's Data Centre Hub can help save our planet

, posted: 29-Nov-2017 17:32

Data and the internet are becoming ever more critical to the planet's residents. Even the smallest rural villages in Kenya or India are likely using data services on a daily basis; services whose importance can often be placed far ahead of electricity or even sanitation. The rise of the likes of M-Pesa in what many in the developed world would (arrogantly) consider backwaters is testament to the power of communications and information to transform the lives of all.
No matter whether (read the entire post)...

Uber & Driverless Cars - Changing Your World

, posted: 2-Aug-2015 07:54

There are two big stories in the personal transport news these days, Uber (and of course its compatriots in the ride-sharing space like Lyft) & Driverless cars. Each is in itself quite an amazing proposition.

Let's start with Uber. On the surface it looks like a win-win for both sides; the passenger and the driver. For the passenger its an exceedingly easy service to use providing a known fare value, easy payment and potentially reduced prices for otherwise expensive taxi travel. On t (read the entire post)...

Basics of IPv6

, posted: 17-Jan-2014 09:32

IPv4 Exhaustion is here. In the IT industry we all (or we all should) know about it but some are experiencing it faster than others. For us here in New Zealand we are part of APNIC, the regional RIR who provide IP addressing. And the only new IPv4 address being provided are for companies just registering for their ASN (autonomous system number - what you need to be your own "entity" on the internet) - i.e. companies new to running their own IP space. And then they only get a /22 (around 1000 add (read the entire post)...

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