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GeoVector World Surfer launched

By Aaron Davidson, in , posted: 23-Sep-2009 13:01

GeoVector has released its brilliant new World Surfer app on the Android Market.  World Surfer is a must have directional search application leveraging the GPS and compass on Android phones to provide you with search results not only relevant to where you are but also the direction you are facing.

World Surfer works anywhere in the world, drawing on results from global services such as Wikipedia, Google, Bing and Yahoo and also local services to ensure that results are useful.  In New Zealand for example it also pulls down results from Zenbu and GeoSmart.

Once the application has pulled down results for things around you you can select them and get a ton of information about them, call them, visit their web site, see their location on a map and even be guided to them by a big red arrow.

GeoVector is a US based company however World Surfer has a strong New Zealand connection.  World Surfer development has been driven out of New Zealand by GeoVector's Arron and Scott Judson while the Android build was developed by SimWorks.

So I'd encourage all New Zealand Android users to support the great work that's been done on this app - its FREE so download it, use it and then give it some great feedback!

GeoVector have posted a video on YouTube showing the app in action.  Here's some World Surfer screen shots to give you a better idea of how it works:

World Surfer Channel ScreenWorld Surfer Channel ResultsWorld Surfer Channel Results2
World Surfer MapWorld Surfer Guide Me

Author's note by Aaron Davidson, on 28-Sep-2009 11:19

Update:  Checking the Android Marketplace this morning and I see that there are now over 1,000 World Surfer users.

Comment by peejayw, on 29-Sep-2009 12:18

How do you download from the Marketplace? Cant find a download link anywhere.

Author's note by ald, on 30-Sep-2009 15:03

Google only feature a couple of apps on the Android Market website.  To get the app you'll need to use the Android Market app on your phone - search for "World Surfer" and you should find it.

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