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Android Device Dashboard

By Aaron Davidson, in , posted: 17-Feb-2010 16:26

With the blizzard of mobile announcements being released this week in the midst of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and blog a bit more frequently.  Rather than talk about what everyone else is talking about though I'm going back to the future to talk about something that I really like about Android - the ease with which you can get useful information about devices running it.

Back in December Raphaël Moll announced the Android Device Dashboard on the Android Developers Blog.  The Device Dashboard is awesome because it shows you the % of devices using each release of Android OS.  Naturally this is particularly useful when deciding which versions of the Android OS your application should support and whether or not its worth taking advantage of a certain feature etc.

The Device Dashboard draws its information from devices connecting to the Android Marketplace in the preceding two weeks.  As at the time of writing the Device Dashboard was showing results for the two weeks preceding 4 January 2010:

Android Device dashboard

As the graph shows you, around 2/3'rds of devices are now using Android 1.6+ which makes 1.6 an ideal target OS level, particularly since it was the first version Android OS to support multiple screen sizes and that it is likely that all devices, even the G1, will eventually be updated to this version of the Android OS.

The graph doesn't give you any specific percentages however so the Device Dashboard also provides you a table which I replicate here:

Android Platform    Percent of Devices

Android 1.1            0.3%
Android 1.5           31.0%
Android 1.6           47.6%
Android 2.0             0.7%
Android 2.0.1        20.4%

How great would it be to have this sort of information available for the other platforms?

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Comment by stevonz, on 17-Feb-2010 18:20

Hmmm pie. Nice post.  Wish my Magic would get the new 2.0 OS

Comment by s, on 27-Feb-2010 21:56

G1 already has 1.6!

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