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Voda vs TelstraClear: round 2

By Antonios Karantze, in , posted: 3-Jul-2007 19:30

NOTICE: I work for TelstraClear.

So Vodafone announced that it was taking over the direct management of TCL mobile customers from the agency agreement, and was making contact with each of them.

This press item appears to have received much less attention, but casts quite a different light on the above assumption:

TelstraClear says it is still managing its 30,000 mobile customers, despite the expiry of an agreement with Vodafone, and may consider entering an agreement with Telecom.

Vodafone said it was taking over management of TelstraClear's mobile phone customers following the end of a seven-year old agreement in June. Customers will keep their existing phone number and operate their phones as normal, but will receive a separate bill from Vodafone.

However, TelstraClear spokesman Matthew Bolland said that TelstraClear would continue to act as the first point of contact for the customers, including billing.

Both Vodafone and TelstraClear said customers would not be affected by what Mr Bolland called a commercial dispute.

The agency agreement has expired amid an increasingly strained relationship between the two telcos, with TelstraClear blaming the failure of its $50 million mobile/broadband pilot in Tauranga in April on Vodafone.

"Last week, Vodafone wrote to us asking us to continue to manage those customers indefinitely, so the idea that they will assume control is an interesting one because those customers will continue to be served by TelstraClear," Mr Bolland said.

"We can now actively go out and look for another provider to provide mobile services to those customers."

Many of those affected were business customers.

"We've spoken to them (customers) and we're communicating with them again today about the fact that things don't change," he said.

It would be some weeks before the company made its decision.

"We're still in discussions with Vodafone about what we could do now . . . now we're in a situation where we can talk to two parties."


Perhaps this isn't news. Certainly it doesn't say much, and it's a shame only Stuff seems to have dwelled on it.

There can't be that many other provider's out there, can there?

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Comment by chiefie, on 3-Jul-2007 19:51

I don't know how will Vodafone contact me as my TCL mobile account is just a data connection, so no voice plan, which mean no direct phone contact with me. Having said that, I am sure Vodafone (if they will indeed getting hold of TCL's mobile customers) then they will try to contact me via other mean like letter or something. Regardless what outcome it will be, I certainly ain't too worry about who the mobile provider will be, or who will be billing me. As long as the service is still working away fine without interruption.

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