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Beam me up Allan! Holographic projection from TelstraClear

By Antonios K, in , posted: 17-Sep-2008 06:52

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be at this event in the Vector Arena, where TelstraClear took the opportunity to outline plans, recall success and show off some truly impressive technology.

Actually I was on one of the stands talking about IP Gateway and Next IP Laughing

I was also fortunate enough to see the preparations first-hand yesterday morning (I arrived early with the Events Managers, so got a back-stage tour), and spoke to some of the folks that put the show together. Really cool stuff, and a real chest-thumping show.

The hologram of Rove was beamed in live across the Trans-tasman link, and there was very little delay - Rove commented that the delay was doing wonders for comic timing. He showed a picture of that mornings Sydney Morning Herald, although the sport section had fallen out of it.... maybe into a large rugby cup....

So a first for TCL, but also a real-revving of the engines at the core of the company....

NB: I work at TelstraClear

- A

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Comment by Steve Biddle, on 17-Sep-2008 10:12

Very cool indeed.. Now how much bandwidth was that using and how much would it cost the average company to conduct a holographic board meeting with TCL's pricing? :-)

Comment by PDAMan, on 19-Sep-2008 16:01

I wish I'd been there to see it. This is one of the technologies I have been waiting for since I was a little fella (Couple of years ago lol)

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