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Hard and Fast


By Antonios Karantze, in , posted: 2-Oct-2008 21:16

I've been a follower of management theory ever since I was in college, and have been an observer on how people relate to each other and operate (predominantly workplace, but increasingly in personal situations).

Change is frequent, but when it's happening around you rather than directly at you, it becomes very easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. At my age I should know better of course.... but it is very seductive when you think you know where you stand and that you have a modicum of control.

The last few months have been intensive - extremely intensive - periods of change. The pace has been unrelenting, the scope unremitting and the size.... unsurprising. Eventually all change has to consolidate and calm down, before another period begins.

Reading this, you might think, OKaaaay.... I could be speaking of the credit crises, the technology industry or even my personal life.

Reality is a state of mind. People don't see life as it is - they see life as they are. We are often in situations where we have little or no information, yet are trying to make sense of the 'reality' around us, as we see it.

Where it gets exciting - or destructive - is where the stress goes up, the pressure comes on... and then stays there. Most people in the mid-30's know this feeling, that exotic cocktail of being out of control and wondering when it will all just 'stop'.

So why do I write about this now?

There is a lot of change happening for me. A fair amount I expected, but it still needs to be worked through, and emotions experience - a quote I remember from Men in Black is Will Smith saying to Tommy Lee Jones' character 'Ah well, better to have loved and lost than never to have loved to all'.... and Tommy turning round and saying 'Just try it'.

All change makes us stronger, but there is a cost every time. Left unmentioned is that the process of making one part stronger - wisdom - leaves another part weaker - stamina.

The next period is one of personal journey; where one has to 'walk the walk' and other such comments. Knowing what you need to do - and then doing it, with a huge feeling of being alone - now that is truly frightening change.


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Comment by Aloha, on 3-Oct-2008 12:27

I recommend to everybody to read Dr Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese? book. The book is about "change" in a very entertaining format.

Comment by Aloha, on 3-Oct-2008 12:29

But I believe you have read that one already.

Author's note by antoniosk, on 4-Oct-2008 06:23

Nope... but people keep suggestng i do!

Comment by Wob, on 4-Oct-2008 08:21

I empathise Antonios, I have recently gone through a period of intense and profound change in my working life, and I share your observations.

Ever noticed how change triggers more change in other spheres of our existence? I have found that a change in my employment situation has linked in to changes in my personal life, even down to changing our vehicles.

You bumble along as best you can, then all hell breaks loose, and man, do you pay for it!

Still in recovery mode as I type this - you never know, I might even make it into the de-tox mode (Yeah, right!)

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