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Hard and Fast

Freitas in shock move

By Antonios K, in , posted: 21-May-2009 16:42

In a move that sent shockwaves through the IT reporting industry, Mauricio Freitas unveiled that he was in fact planning to expand his role in life and free himself from the shackles of Geekzone Blogging.

Highlighting a desire for wearing long trenchcoats and looking like a hitman, as well as the desire to ride a moped around a beautifal island wearing nothing but an open shirt, Mauricio outed himself accidentally as a Bollger for Greekzone at a marketing event in Wellington...


"I've always considered the Hellenic lifestyle one to adopt as soon as possible. The Greeks have contributed so much to the world, compared to Brazil (with only a proposition on body hair waxing!)"

In a timely fashion, Mr Freitas, under dubious conditions and egged on by a raucous P.Pilcher, won a Jabra headset just for turning up in his open shirt. Despite protests from the crowd, another travesty was enabled....

The Jabra headset was found to pair beautifally with his brand new Acer Windows Mobile device, apparently not available to distributors....

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Comment by juha, on 21-May-2009 17:35

Had to read this a couple of times before I got it... very funny :)

Comment by Francisco, on 22-May-2009 07:34

Did I read it right " Greek" zone and " Geek" zone > :)

Comment by nate, on 22-May-2009 12:11

I think it's funny that it's more likely to spell his name/surname wrong, but they got the title and company wrong.

What a dopey crowd.

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