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Guide to making your Computer UV reactive

, posted: 22-Aug-2011 09:45

Hello to all !
first of all, thanks for viewing my first ever blog !

I wanted to make my computer UV reactive, sadly the price for UV reactive sata cables were $13 each. I have 7 sata devices and I am not keen to spend $91 on sata cables.

So, I had an idea....

This blog is about how I made my PC UV reactive, easily and by spending about $50 total.
here is a link to a vide of it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMUVkKBaSCc

First of all, you will need a computer. Now, to create UV light in your computer you will need some UV black backlit lights. Here is a link to the lights I purchased.


Now that you have UV light in your PC case, its time to have some things react to it !

The expensive option : buy all UV reactive products.
The more fun and cheaper option: buy paint !!

Secondly, you will need a primer to enable paint to stick to those slippery cables (and other parts). I used this Gesso primer as an undercoat. This paint was perfect for the job as it was really gritty, enabling the other paint to stick well. 


This gesso primer set me back around $7. 

Here is a picture of the undercoat going on sata cables and my HD 5770 1GB

The red tube of paint you can see in these photos, cost about $6 and it is fluro red
I selected a bright fluro red paint. This looked really pink at first, so I recommend at least 2 coats. Also, make sure that the primer is coated on well, as this enables the fluro paint to become slightly brighter. These pictures are my second coat.

For this project, I painted most of my cabling and purchased some cheap cable wrap which is UV blue reactive. The UV blue looked really lame compared to the UV red.
Here is a link to the UV blue cable wrap, remember I do recommend a brighter color..

Picture of cable wrap:                       Picture of completed sata cables:

What I recommend is choosing bright colors, fluro red, fluro green, fluro yellow, as these colors will react well and make you computer look awesome.

Due to excessive paint purchases I put some dots of paint on the fan blades to give the fan a red circle. Also the PSU got some lines on it and the capacitors on the motherboard.

My case fan                                       Motherboard with red highlights       PSU getting painted

My PC also has an aftermarket overclockers cooling system. saves about 5 degrees and nothing more, so why not paint it?


Day Time:

Night Time (test run)

Night Time (completed project)

UV looks best at night time, and just by adding the paint I went from a dark inside, to a vibrant crowd pleaser. 

Link to a video of it in action : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMUVkKBaSCc 

thanks for reading this blog, hopefully it makes you consider going UV or passed some time at the office/home.
Im keen to answer any questions you have about my project.

thanks to all.

From Leslie A. (b0untypure1) 

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 22-Aug-2011 14:37

Cool!  Looks great!

Author's note by b0untypure1, on 22-Aug-2011 17:58

thanks man, even better in real life ! (camera does no justice)

Comment by ChocolateWorm, on 23-Nov-2011 22:51

so awesome we did a awesome job :D

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