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Child Support... and the way you, too, can become destitute

, posted: 20-Dec-2011 17:16

Right... this is going to be a bit rambling, just because that's the way my brain works (or doesn't in most cases).

Awhile ago I split up with the mother of my 2 daughters... She hasn't worked for 8+ years so ended up on the DPB.

I moved out, tried to sort my finances and generally made my usual mess of all things involving money. As Blindspott once said:
"Not one day that you are here on this earth
Has been promised to you
So make the most of every day as if it was your last
And every breath as if it was the same, the same"

So I tend to live day to day...

THEN I had to start paying IRD money for child support... "Sweet!" worked it out using their calculator at my current wage.... Not A Problem, I can *just* afford that!


See, what had happened was, just before the break-up, I had changed jobs... I was over doing 65-70hrs a week for $17.50... The resulting pay was good but, shit, I was 39 and worn out!
So I took a job that promised 48hrs at better money.. all worked out a bit less, but we could survive....


48 hrs?? I wish... try 38 if I'm lucky!... ooops!

When IRD do your child support calculations, they base it on the previous year.
Now I know I'm no mathmetician, but there's a HELL of a difference between 38 hours and 65...
And even making an extra $2 an hour doesn't cover that difference!
SOOO my first bill from child support was FUCKING HUGE!

my reaction was beyond WTF! it was more "OMFGMYLIFEISOVER".

Of course, I rang them (warning: never ring child support, they will steal your soul) and was told... now this cracks me up...  "All good, just do an estimate, include a payslip and we will sort it!"

It might make sense to mention at this stage my car shat itself, and I NEED it to get to work... hard to commute at 1am.

Anyway, filled out the forms, sent a payslip, sweet...

DECLINED! "fucking WHAT???"
Phone: "You haven't had a 15% difference in pay so it's declined... you earned lots at the start of this financial year"
Me: " Um, that was at my old job... doing 65hrs a week.. I just sent you my payslip..."
Phone: "yeah, but we take an average and that estimate shows your wage will only change 12%"
Me: "But 12% is a lot of money and my car has just died"
Phone: "sorry, nothing we can do"
About this time I was scammed on trade me, so I rang and told them... just to cover my arse... and also mentioned a loan in my name that was used for the family (renewed every year, yeah, wont do that again).
They were going to send me some forms...

Anyway, after spending 2 months getting my car drivable, nearly having a nervous breakdown and wanting to explode govt departments (not really), My life started turning around...
Some friends got my brain working properly.. shit I even smiled with feeling for the first time in months.
I actually felt good and was starting to get on my feet. Nearly started to have money to give those IRD... WAIT!



Straight on the phone...
Me: you realise if you do that, I cant do 2 things... eat, and afford to go to work....??
IRD: sorry, your claim was denied
Me: I know... *insert same shit about job change here* + mention loan and paperwork I never got
IRD: We have no record, but that will take 8 weeks anyway...
Me: But I won't be able to go to work in 2 weeks.. or eat... I'll end up on the dole.. with nothing. I WONT BE ABLE TO SEE MY FUCKING KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (never once actually raised my voice or swore... I was too devastated)
IRD: sorry, we'll send you some forms... do you realise we have redundancies happening here?
Me: Really? I can't think why? (it's not like you actually fucking help people)
IRD: so sad... anyway, can't help you, sorry, forms in the mail, have a nice xmas *click

I have now run every option through my head, including bankruptcy..
I have one option.

Move to Australia

and not see my kids...

It's the only place that pays enough for me to not default on my loans, pay IRD and still eat.
That means selling everything... which is not really much , but meant a fuckload to me,
and leaving behind MY KIDS!'

My Daughters... an 8 year old and a 2.5 year old...

IRD... YOU have such a broken system, you are forcing a hard working adult to either become a dole bludger, or to leave the country.

Child Support? They don't get supported!!! THEY LOSE A PARENT! Possibly forever...
My youngest is 2.5... What memories is SHE gunna have of her dad? Loser? prick that ran away? Abandoned them?

Why? All because nobody is this bloated, fucked-up system actually gives a FUCK about the kids...

Child Support my fucking arse.

Thanks IRD.. if I had any mental issues, I'm pretty sure you would have driven me to a grave.
But FUCK YOU! I'm not like that.
I have all the paperwork, and when I have to explain to my kids why their dad left, They will hate you nearly as much as I do.
Hopefully they see the light when they're old enough and leave this country before it fucks them like it fucked their father.



It's been awhile.

, posted: 1-Jul-2011 16:32

Holy crap, I can't belive how busy life makes me.
Sometimes I just have to have a play, and lately twitter, android, and starting yesterday, google+, have been taking up all my time.
I will blog more often when I remember but I'm pretty boring 99.8% of the time so don't hold your breath!

Is TelstraClear Mobile just in Beta?

, posted: 8-Oct-2008 12:16

It seems that TCL Mobile doesn't quite have their system sorted.
Two and a half weeks ago I bit the bullet and decided to stick with TCL and join their mobile plan.
I started by ringing and trying to get my number and existing handset ported from Telecom.
And so the dramas began!
After being told that that was impossible and insisting it wasn't, I was set to be connected "in the next 5 business days" and would be sent a text message the day before. After waiting 5 days and hearing (and receiving) nothing, I decided to give TCL Mobile another call. I was told that the mobile people had all gone home and it should've been done already. I was given a ticket number and told to call the next day. I rang the next morning (Tuesday, 30th September) just to be told I had already been connected! Yay! But I still hadn't received my text and thought that it might contain some useful information so I requested it be sent. "Not a problem" I was assured. Ha!
After waiting the 3 days I was told my voucher should arrive in, I rang again. "We will look into it and get back to you." Ok, I thought to myself, I'll give them another couple of days. That afternoon, our existing cordless phone decided it had had enough. Great, no other phone in the house. That voucher will be the perfect thing now as we'll be able to get a new cordless!
After waiting another 3 days and hearing nothing, I decided to call again. This time I was told an email would be sent and I would definately be sorted ASAP.
The next morning at work I have 4 missed calls from the better half (who had borrowed an extremely old phone from her parents).
While with telecom I had my voicemail turned off as I often operate loud machinery and dont quite have time to shut down the equipment/park the truck and get my phone out of my pocket before it went to voicemail. No problems without it!
I also notice some texts and breathed a sigh of relief. It was just about my dental appointment and not because something had happened with her pregnancy. Apparently my phone now goes to voicemail!
Last night I rang again and was told they will forward an email to someone on the mobile side of things to sort my voucher.
Today, I go to the dentist and while I'm home (and barely able to talk), I ring TCL about 3 things.
Any news on my voucher? Nope. "You should have a reply soon" I was told again.
Ok. Can I have voicemail turned off please. "Sorry, that is part of the package". Um, no it's not. Nowhere was I told i HAVE to have voicemail. Can I please talk to someone else? "Ok"............ (on hold)........... "Yes we can do that for you.... oh, no we cant. Not for at least for the next couple of days until your whole swap over is completed."
Does that mean I have to wait for my voucher? "I can't tell exactly, but we can't do anything until the mobile team finish with your account. Call back in 2 days".
("FFS" goes through my head).... OK, one last question. Do you have a number I can ring to find out how many text messages I am using in a month? "Not at the moment... But we're working on it!"
O...K.... Thanks.
If I was told TCL never had a mobile service before, I'd believe it. Unfortunately, I know differently.
This is the sort of stuff I'd expect if I was on the beta test for B+W, not one of NZs biggest phone, tv and internet providers. Not to mention their parent company....

Please TCL, don't charge me for the privilege of being your guinea pig!

I feel better now.

Except the bit where my 2 teeth have been removed.

(and I still haven't received my text.)

Another week and starting to think

, posted: 20-Sep-2008 19:15

After driving (and fixing the bloody thing) a truck all week, I love to come home of an evening and play with my toys.
The reason I have owned MP3 players for about 6-7 years is to keep me entertained in my daily grind.
The reason for the new iPod was the space!
Sometimes on the road you cant get radio... or the music sucks... or you are just sick of the ads!
With the 160gig Classic I have my tunes, crap loads of podcasts and some vids for downtime/lunch breaks. I'm actually amazed at the amount of podcasts I go through in a week.
This is one of my gripes...
I live in the Kapiti region and am lucky enough to have cable.
Unfortunately, the plans blow dogs!
I have a 10mbit connection with a 20gig cap. I have gone over that this month with podcasts alone!
With one just-about-at-school daughter and a baby on the way, I can't afford the extra money to up my cap, and TCL don't offer a 4mbit plan with a 30gig cap for the price of the 10/20 plan. I don't need 2mbit up... I don't need 10mbit down really. but I do need 20-30 gig a month. Don't get me wrong, the speed is brilliant (I used to run a game server here and had the big lightspeed plan at the time). But in these days of uncertainty, I just can't afford the extra $$$ for the cap. Sure, If my better half was working instead of pregnant, I could. If my boss paid more, I could. If I won Lotto (ha), I could... But these things aren't happenening!
I know companies are out to make a profit.
I know I would be!
But where is a middle-ground??
TCL don't have one.
After five years I'm looking at options.
New net, new phone and no cable TV (this will greatly annoy my daughter and better-half as playhouse disney saves the day at times, and when the new baby comes, discovery will keep me sane at 3am)

C'mon, TCL, make a plan that gives me a 4mbit connection with a 30gig cap... I'm sure I'm not the only low-paid geek in the cable region!

BTW, why does every other ISP want my phone number and then tell me it doesn't exist! I have TCL phone, we do exist! Please just give me a map of your broadband areas!

Mr Hetfield, grow a pair!

, posted: 14-Sep-2008 19:01

Seriously, either get some nuts or give up singing!
Bob Rock has gone, now you need to get Lars to stop doing you in the bum!

Great album until you sing! (and who wrote the pathetic lyrics? you're not 20 anymore, tosser)

Death Magnetic... Don't get it now!

Album review.?: waste-of-money out of 5

TV shows in NZ? Another iTunes post!

, posted: 11-Sep-2008 17:37

ok... I am NOT the itunes guy, but I thought this was pretty interesting.

Shop a Wide Selection

Browse the iTunes Store for television shows from Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Nine Network, MTV, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and many more. Watch 30-second previews, then buy the episodes you want for just $3.59 inc GST.


Seen here at Apple (scroll down under renting), and the macrumours forum

I'm sure most people will know this already, but hey, I'm new to this!

Genius finally finished!

, posted: 11-Sep-2008 10:30

And it works well! It can pick up to 100 songs just based on one song. I gave it "High Speed Dirt" by Megadeth and it came up with Pantera, Slayer, Anthrax, Motorhead to Maiden, GnR, Cinderella and Whitesnake. A great collection of songs for long distance driving (for me anyway)!
It took less than 5 seconds and you can save the playlist for next time you sync your ipod.

I actually don't mind itunes 8 so far, but now I'm going to play with grid view... wish me luck, I might need it.

Update: Actually just saw a rumour that the Genius function might come to the firmware of the "old" classics.

iTunes 8 actually runs quite well on xp.

, posted: 11-Sep-2008 08:58

I got a huge surprise! It's quicker to sync and eject and scrolling through things has less lag.
But it IS bloated. The grid view wants to thumbnail all your art everytime you start unless you tell it "never" and the "genuis" feature is still sorting my library after 4 hours.
I made the mistake of closing itunes while this was still running, and while this didn't restart the whole process, it did make me go through the terms and conditions again.
Overall, I'm pretty happy so far... but time will tell (if genius bizzo ever finishes).

iTunes 8?

, posted: 9-Sep-2008 22:27

As a new iPod owner (3 weeks), I'm waiting for iTunes 8.0 so I can decide if it sucks for windows or not. I think it's about time Americans got out of bed.
Stay, um... Tuned???     

yeah, I know....Foot in mouth

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