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Mr Hetfield, grow a pair!

, posted: 14-Sep-2008 19:01

Seriously, either get some nuts or give up singing!
Bob Rock has gone, now you need to get Lars to stop doing you in the bum!

Great album until you sing! (and who wrote the pathetic lyrics? you're not 20 anymore, tosser)

Death Magnetic... Don't get it now!

Album review.?: waste-of-money out of 5

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Comment by nzsouthernman, on 15-Sep-2008 12:05

I haven't heard Death Magnetic as yet, but it can't be as bad as that P.O.S. called "St Anger' can it?

Guess this will be another album to skip purchasing. Must get around to buying Disturbed's Indestructible this week.... mmmm...

Author's note by blakamin, on 18-Sep-2008 20:11

Unfortunately, it can be nearly as bad. Hetfield sounds like he is singing for "KISS" or something in some of the songs.
And my other problem is that it seems the album started with 25 2-minute tracks and they just mixed them up to make 10 5-minute tracks... but without the skills they used in the 80's to get the tunes changing ala "puppets".

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