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Another week and starting to think

, posted: 20-Sep-2008 19:15

After driving (and fixing the bloody thing) a truck all week, I love to come home of an evening and play with my toys.
The reason I have owned MP3 players for about 6-7 years is to keep me entertained in my daily grind.
The reason for the new iPod was the space!
Sometimes on the road you cant get radio... or the music sucks... or you are just sick of the ads!
With the 160gig Classic I have my tunes, crap loads of podcasts and some vids for downtime/lunch breaks. I'm actually amazed at the amount of podcasts I go through in a week.
This is one of my gripes...
I live in the Kapiti region and am lucky enough to have cable.
Unfortunately, the plans blow dogs!
I have a 10mbit connection with a 20gig cap. I have gone over that this month with podcasts alone!
With one just-about-at-school daughter and a baby on the way, I can't afford the extra money to up my cap, and TCL don't offer a 4mbit plan with a 30gig cap for the price of the 10/20 plan. I don't need 2mbit up... I don't need 10mbit down really. but I do need 20-30 gig a month. Don't get me wrong, the speed is brilliant (I used to run a game server here and had the big lightspeed plan at the time). But in these days of uncertainty, I just can't afford the extra $$$ for the cap. Sure, If my better half was working instead of pregnant, I could. If my boss paid more, I could. If I won Lotto (ha), I could... But these things aren't happenening!
I know companies are out to make a profit.
I know I would be!
But where is a middle-ground??
TCL don't have one.
After five years I'm looking at options.
New net, new phone and no cable TV (this will greatly annoy my daughter and better-half as playhouse disney saves the day at times, and when the new baby comes, discovery will keep me sane at 3am)

C'mon, TCL, make a plan that gives me a 4mbit connection with a 30gig cap... I'm sure I'm not the only low-paid geek in the cable region!

BTW, why does every other ISP want my phone number and then tell me it doesn't exist! I have TCL phone, we do exist! Please just give me a map of your broadband areas!

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Comment by wellygary, on 21-Sep-2008 08:00

The reason they want your phone number is thyey are looking to see if there is a telecom line they can use to provision ADSL to you, *they cannot connect you over TCLs line*,
You are not able to move to anothe ISP with TCL cable, you will need to have a telecom (chorus) wire into the house for the other ISP to use.
, that is what they keep looking up.

Author's note by blakamin, on 21-Sep-2008 16:35

I understand all that.
I have 2 telecom lines in the wall from when my better half was answering phones for a company. These have no numbers attached anymore and I can't even remember what they were.
Obviously, IF I was to switch, I would get rid of my TCL line anyway!
I just want to know why they cant just look up my address!

Comment by Mark Denholm, on 22-Sep-2008 13:23

Because the bog standard tools the CSR's you're talking to use are all phone number based. Not address based.

Any neighbours with DSL? If not, the best people to call are Telecom, they should be able to give you and indication of whether DSL is available in your area. If it is, then you have your answer.

Just tell them you're looking at getting xtra and wanted to research your options first. ;)

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