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Is TelstraClear Mobile just in Beta?

, posted: 8-Oct-2008 12:16

It seems that TCL Mobile doesn't quite have their system sorted.
Two and a half weeks ago I bit the bullet and decided to stick with TCL and join their mobile plan.
I started by ringing and trying to get my number and existing handset ported from Telecom.
And so the dramas began!
After being told that that was impossible and insisting it wasn't, I was set to be connected "in the next 5 business days" and would be sent a text message the day before. After waiting 5 days and hearing (and receiving) nothing, I decided to give TCL Mobile another call. I was told that the mobile people had all gone home and it should've been done already. I was given a ticket number and told to call the next day. I rang the next morning (Tuesday, 30th September) just to be told I had already been connected! Yay! But I still hadn't received my text and thought that it might contain some useful information so I requested it be sent. "Not a problem" I was assured. Ha!
After waiting the 3 days I was told my voucher should arrive in, I rang again. "We will look into it and get back to you." Ok, I thought to myself, I'll give them another couple of days. That afternoon, our existing cordless phone decided it had had enough. Great, no other phone in the house. That voucher will be the perfect thing now as we'll be able to get a new cordless!
After waiting another 3 days and hearing nothing, I decided to call again. This time I was told an email would be sent and I would definately be sorted ASAP.
The next morning at work I have 4 missed calls from the better half (who had borrowed an extremely old phone from her parents).
While with telecom I had my voicemail turned off as I often operate loud machinery and dont quite have time to shut down the equipment/park the truck and get my phone out of my pocket before it went to voicemail. No problems without it!
I also notice some texts and breathed a sigh of relief. It was just about my dental appointment and not because something had happened with her pregnancy. Apparently my phone now goes to voicemail!
Last night I rang again and was told they will forward an email to someone on the mobile side of things to sort my voucher.
Today, I go to the dentist and while I'm home (and barely able to talk), I ring TCL about 3 things.
Any news on my voucher? Nope. "You should have a reply soon" I was told again.
Ok. Can I have voicemail turned off please. "Sorry, that is part of the package". Um, no it's not. Nowhere was I told i HAVE to have voicemail. Can I please talk to someone else? "Ok"............ (on hold)........... "Yes we can do that for you.... oh, no we cant. Not for at least for the next couple of days until your whole swap over is completed."
Does that mean I have to wait for my voucher? "I can't tell exactly, but we can't do anything until the mobile team finish with your account. Call back in 2 days".
("FFS" goes through my head).... OK, one last question. Do you have a number I can ring to find out how many text messages I am using in a month? "Not at the moment... But we're working on it!"
O...K.... Thanks.
If I was told TCL never had a mobile service before, I'd believe it. Unfortunately, I know differently.
This is the sort of stuff I'd expect if I was on the beta test for B+W, not one of NZs biggest phone, tv and internet providers. Not to mention their parent company....

Please TCL, don't charge me for the privilege of being your guinea pig!

I feel better now.

Except the bit where my 2 teeth have been removed.

(and I still haven't received my text.)

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Comment by nzbnw, on 8-Oct-2008 20:42

Just regarding your cell sec (voice mail), it is extremely important when changing carriers to remember that it's the number, and not the services that are transferred. All existing services with your old provider are lost, and you gain all the default, unless requested otherwise, services of the new provider.

I still find it hard to believe they can't get your voicemail removed in a timely manner through. With Telecom (Retail) the request has a 4 hour turn around (but usually within 5-10 minutes of the request being entered). I doubt the SLA is any different when TCL contact Telecom for this request.


Author's note by blakamin, on 8-Oct-2008 21:10

I'd forgotten all about the voicemail until my mrs rang.

I would've thought they might have been as quick as telecom too!
Oh well...

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