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My midlife crisis of carrier - Part 3 - Spark Retail, eSim and Travel

, posted: 21-Dec-2019 10:27

As promised last week here is an update after a week of travel with the Apple Watch. Let me apologise in advance this post is going a bit of mess, long and all over the show.
Travel - Ok so the Apple Watch has just slotted itself into my daily life without much fuss. If your already an Apple Watch zealot you will know what I mean. If you've never had an Apple Watch but you've used every other smart watch on the planet, no you don't know what I mean.. you might think you do, but you don't.< (read the entire post)...

My midlife crisis of carrier - Part 2 - APPLE WATCH

, posted: 14-Dec-2019 10:41

Ok so its been 1 week since I made the jump from Vodafone to Spark & Android to Apple. For the most part… Nothing has changed. Its kinda hard to get all religious on Apple vs Android when they are both very good products. Its too soon to really declare any sort of definitive preference.
Yesterday a very helpful courier dropped of my new Apple Watch with GPS and LTE. I had earlier in the day got my awesome Spark account manger to 'do stuff' and get my OneNumber ready to rock on my bu (read the entire post)...

My midlife crisis of carrier - Part 1

, posted: 8-Dec-2019 17:07

Ok so this is probably going to be a multipart post. This week just been, I made some major life changes (major in a tech sense, probably still pretty minor in the life scheme of things). I ported my numbers to Spark and bought an iPhone 11 Pro. Cue the *Shock* and outrage… Yup the 021 in chris021 comes from my original switch to Bellsouth (Vodafone). This was back in the mid 90's. So, a real long time ago.
Sorry to disappoint, but this isn't a bash Vodafone post either. Sure, had t (read the entire post)...

An open letter to Samsung about my S7 Edge

, posted: 20-Jan-2018 09:51

Dear Samsung,
Let me please preface this with the statement, I am a bit of a fan of your equipment. Currently I own the following mobile devices:

Samsung J1 Samsung J2 Samsung S7 Edge Samsung S8 Plus Samsung Note 8 Samsung Tab S3 LTE Samsung Gear S3 Frontier A few weeks ago, my S7 Edge which my Mum uses started dropping calls. I mean a lot of calls, but only when in fringe coverage areas. My Mum complained a lot. I did what I'm sure most Sons would do, I promptly blamed the (read the entire post)...

Samsung Galaxy Explodafone (Note 7)

, posted: 30-Sep-2016 12:17

I was early to board the Note 7 train and have to say it is still the best smart phone on the market. All the hype and reviews are right. Samsung have taken a while to get the Note line back to where it should be and they sure have done so with the Note 7. Build quality, premium materials, IP68, expandable storage, potential to explode or down an airliner are just some of its just of its WOW factor. What a great device.
Samsung have managed to create the best and worst smartphone which is (read the entire post)...

Back to Black (INK) a review of the HP Elite x2 1011 and MS Surface 3

, posted: 18-Oct-2015 11:58

Ok, so the title of this post is a bit of a mouthful. I guess you could call this more of a journey than a review. I will be touching on both devices named in the title, the Microsoft Surface 3 (not the pro, the baby surface 3) and the HP Elite x2 1011 which is pretty un-catchy moniker to begin with. A few weeks ago one of my customers (This review represents my personal views and not that of my employer LANWorx Ltd ( to quote I think Adam, my employer can get their own view (read the entire post)...

Why data caps are awsome

, posted: 30-Oct-2014 07:54

After reading the following blog post:

I decided to rehash a Facebook post of mine from October 2013 that went something like this:

I like data caps. With all this talk about data caps are bad i guess i kinda disagree.. then again i also like the idea of toll roads.

ISP's buy bandwidth per Mbit and actually pay quite a lot for it.

To throw some rough and bad maths about, the profit on a $99 (read the entire post)...

Digital Privacy in a digital world

, posted: 14-Sep-2014 11:13

I have a secret. We all do. How likely is it that someone else is going to hear my secret? let's forget for a second the whole digital thing, I guess that all depends on who I tell and where. For example I tell my secret to my best friend, she's pretty trustworthy and we discuss it miles away from earshot of anyone else. That secret is pretty safe right? I'm picking so... What if I was to assemble a human chain of 50 strangers with me at one end and my Friend at the other. Then I had them pass m (read the entire post)...

Geekzone Agony Aunt – Brand relationships

, posted: 8-Apr-2013 21:34

Dear Geekzone Agony Aunt,For a number of years I have had a pretty strong crush on a particular brand. Some would even call it a case of 'fanboyism'… I confess I have been in a pretty committed relationship with Kordia. I wear one of my Kordia shirts every week. Sometimes twice a week!In my defence they are awesome Greg Norman polo shirts. Those of you who know me personally will know what I'm talking about… I am even partial to my Kordia hat. My Kordia branded items have been in m (read the entire post)...

Review: MS Surface RT - 3 days in

, posted: 7-Nov-2012 17:58

Who am I?

Whenever I read a review I like to know a bit about the person who wrote it to get a feel for how they may or may not be biased. I am a senior technical consultant for LANWorx ( Usual disclaimer this work is my personal perspective only and does not represent the views of my employer etc. I work primarily in windows based corporate environments.

I own 2 x iPads a V1 and a V3 I have owned the following iphone's 3Gs, 4, 4S. My current phone is a (read the entire post)...

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