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Geeks, scanning, Cops and Robbers

, posted: 15-Nov-2007 16:07

Now that im doing the 'blog thing' i figure there are a few things that i have thought about bringing up that i have never really got around to, one of them is the crossover in the chat room of people between #NZScanners and #geekzone.

First up i think that it is great! both chat rooms have had an influx of members since they have been on the same server. Then when Zirc died, geekzone moved then nzscanners to be once again side by side.

This brings me in a round about way to what i think my point was going to be. Lots of geeks also like scanning! For those of you who don't know what scanning is, the NZscanners website is a pretty good place to start.

I remember the first time i really discovered scanning. I was sitting on top of one tree hill (yup the tree was still there then) in my 1996 Honda Prelude (i miss that car) and found that my car radio which hadn't been band expanded could pick up the cops!

A few weeks went past and the next thing i knew me and a mate were heading down to hamilton to pick up a scanner that i had won in an auction on trademe. As per usual there was no way that i was going to wait for it to be couriered!

Since then i have developed a good collection of scanners and 2-way radios (also got into HAM/Amature) radio. Now i find that most of the time im listening to a scanner it is thru a computer or at least its computer controled.

If your a geek and have never thought about scanning, it might be worth 30 seconds with google.

To those guys in the chatroom that have found the hobby because the 2 chatrooms are on the same server... Welcome!

So yeh, im sure over the next few days i can find more mindless thoughts to blog about :-)

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 15-Nov-2007 18:26

Shame they go digital shortly, I have just taken down the "loggers" as we speak, basically a pile of recorders attached to some tuners (mp3 players and some cheap kits) that monitored the airwaves for the last 3 years.

Given up and moving! there is/was some very interesting stuff around I must say and it's an addictive hobby! I shortly will be replacing the old faithful "Realistic" with a new model which I got the chance to trial., $800 but worth every penny. I'll post here with full details later.

Comment by wmoore, on 15-Nov-2007 21:31

I have my scanner next to the computer here at home. I can surf geekzone
and listen to the car chasers from the comfort of my chair. And like you
paradoxsm I got a Realistic scanner as well.

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