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Cessna's seem to be dropping like flies!

, posted: 21-Nov-2007 11:29

"Wednesday November 21, 11:22 AM
Two walk away from plane crash
The occupants of a small plane walked away after the Cessna flipped onto its roof at Wellington Airport today.

Inspector Chris Tate, of Wellington police communications, said details were still sketchy, but reports suggested the plane had crashed or caught its wing, and been turned upside down.

Both occupants had walked out of the aircraft.

The accident, just before 10.30am, happened at the southern end of the runway, where small planes took off and landed.

Mr Tate said as a precaution, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) fire crew had sprayed foam on the plane, but there had been no suggestion of fire.

Ambulance and the Fire Service were in attendance, and the CAA would investigate the incident, he said.

CAA spokesman Bill Sommer said it was understood the Cessna 172 was taxiing to the runway for takeoff when it flipped.

The runway was blocked and no planes were taking off or landing at present.

A CAA inspector was heading out to the airport to investigate the incident, he said.

Mr Sommer said he understood one of the occupants of the plane had been taken to hospital for observation."


Remember a few months ago, there were 2 other Cessna crashes.....

Whats going on with light Aviation!

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