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Wiki Wiki on the wall who's the most knowledgeable of them all?

, posted: 28-Feb-2008 21:17

I kinda feel like i have been missing out on the world of Wiki. I mean sure i have used Wikipedia lots and lots and found it great, but i don't really think I stopped and really thought about having something that anyone can edit.....

One of my clients uses Wikis for internal documentation so I was pretty much forced into the whole wiki thing... Then I found I loved it! It is sooo quick and easy! Since then, which was all of a few weeks ago I have started to find allsorts of uses for the humble wiki.

Last weekend I was visiting Rotovagas for a romantic weekend, and like all good scanner listeners I had my radios with me (my girlfriend was thrilled... really...). I looked up a few websites to find the local frequencies and was pretty disappointed with how out of date it all was. Then it struck me! Wait for it.... a Wiki!! And that is how was born! It has only been running since Monday, but it has already had some amazing input from scanner enthusiasts all over the country!

A few things that are worth mentioning if you are thinking about setting up your own wiki, make sure you configure it so people have to register and confirm their email address before they can modify pages. This really cuts down on the cyber vandals. It is also a good idea to take separate mysql backups in case it gets really messed up. I take DB snapshots twice a day just in case....

But yeh, if you havn’t checked out the world of wikis do so... its pretty addictive stuff!

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