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Vodafone mobile data

, posted: 21-Apr-2009 18:02

I recently acquired a Vodafone vstick device. Tonight I connected to the work terminal server and worked all the way home (I was not driving this time). A 25 min trip. The connection did not drop once. It did flick to GPRS once thru the bowels of Mt Eden, but resumed 3G very quickly.

This is the first time I have found mobile data to be this reliable... I am not sure if its improvement in the network or if the device just works as it should. This combined with the new effective .10c casual data on a $10 a month plan means my 25min trip cost 35c. That is a pretty fair price to pay.

Knowing that I am able to work in the car on the way home may even make me leave the office sooner... dare I say it? Make the most of now? Tongue out

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Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Apr-2009 19:36

Where you driving while terminal servering?

Comment by paradoxsm, on 21-Apr-2009 23:07

I'm just hoping they roll out a nationwide 900MHz network including in main centres, 2100MHz is terrible at my inner city house.

The backhauls must have been improved, a year ago it was nothing like it is nowdays, they seem to have really done some good work on getting the network right.

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