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Vodafone has Northland covered

, posted: 27-Apr-2009 05:43


On Friday night I passengered Auckland to Doubtless Bay (Kaitaia). What sort of a geek would I be if I didn’t give the v-stick a whirl. I had heard rumors that the 3G 900mhz rollout was live in Northland. Well I can now confirm that Vodafone have northland pretty much covered. If there was 2G coverage before then it’s a pretty safe bet you will find shiny new 3G coverage.

On the way up I used my tablet pc from Auckland CBD all the way to about Kerikeri. Site handover is clean and unnoticeable. In the very few areas that the vstick decided to step back to GPRS it was only for very short periods i.e. 30seconds. The handover between 3G and 2G would result in only a single timeout on a continuous ping. In some areas I found that I get quicker ping times than I do on my DSL at home! Sub 100ms is not uncommon.

On the way back to AKL i.e now I have tested from Doubless Bay along SH10 and have yet to loose connection or 3G for that matter. This morning I have spent my time connected to a terminal server and have been able to work as if I was on a fixed broadband connection.

In conclusion I guess we really have TelecomNZ to thank… if It was not for their new network roll out there is no way Vodafone would have invested so heavily in the 900Mhz roll out! Thanks Vodafone, you have finally started building a 3G network that will work how it should wherever you want. Sure a step in the right direction!

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Comment by Aaron Tanner (Aaroona), on 15-May-2009 15:02

Thanks for posting this, Chris.

I was referred here by John (Johnr) after speaking with him about 900Mhz.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about the coverage of 900Mhz in its current state, but after speaking with John and reading your post, I have definitely had a large change in thought.

The coverage of 900Mhz is currently bigger than I had thought, and has cured my itchy feet syndrome which I was having trouble doing on my own!

So thanks again for your post, keep 'em coming!


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