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DurableDNS - DNS thats, well, Durable!

, posted: 12-Oct-2010 20:02

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly putting together a hosting business in a misguided attempt to get cheaper domain names. For years I have had a 1U server hosted in a datacentre with cPanel running various websites and my collection of domain names amongst other things so I figured may as well sell some domain names and hosting etc to cover some of the cost.
After a bit of research I figured domain name purchasers fall into 3 main categories:
1.       Domain name ONLY. They have their own DNS and just want a domain. Nothing else.
2.       Domain name and EVERYTHING else i.e. webhosting, mailboxes etc.
3.       Domain name and just DNS.
Obviously there are variations on the above, but that appears to be the bulk of people. I had scenario 1 covered. Scenario 2 was also taken care of with cPanel. This left me with DNS only users. I could provision their DNS on cPanel, but then when they logged in to modify stuff they would see all these extra like mail and hosting etc that would just be distracting and confusing.
I also considered setting up the DNS for the prospective users then letting them log a ticket for changes. I didn’t much like this idea for 2 reasons, 1 as a user I hate anything that’s not instant and 2, I would have to respond to tickets for dns changes and that would get old very fast.
After much searching with mr google I came across Durable DNS provide a DNS service to both end users and resellers. After a quick google for any negative feedback I signed up as a reseller. What an awesome experience.
Durable DNS firstly were able to integrate with my cPanel server to provide automatic secondary and tertiary DNS! This took me all of about 10 minutes to setup. So far so good.  Now onto my main issue… DNS for users that I don’t want on my cPanel. Durable DNS provide a very well documented API for resellers to integrate into their own solution!
My PHP programming / skills are rough and that is probably being pretty generous, but even with my limitations, I was performing DNS lookup’s after only an hour or so. I have now almost completed integrating my DNS control panel into my billing system. Yay!
If you are ever in need for DNS services as either just a secondary or for the whole lot I can strongly recommend At $15 USD per year for a domain account or $2 per 1,000,000 DNS queries as a reseller account it’s pretty cheap. So far I have used only a few hundred queries so I’m picking it’s going to be pretty cheap to maintain.
NOTE: haven’t provided me with any freebees and I am writing this review of my own free will. No kittens puppies or otherwise were threatened. Yes I would love to sell you a domain name or host your website is slowly coming together.

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Comment by siideways, on 14-Oct-2010 12:30

Do you realise domains4less has nz domains for about $20?? :o

chris021: domains4less are + GST i think would be happy to do cheaper for 2 or more domains. Cheers!

Comment by scottpalmer, on 17-Oct-2010 03:44

You forgot the shameless plug tags in the last sentence.

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