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Geekzone Agony Aunt – Brand relationships

, posted: 8-Apr-2013 21:34

Dear Geekzone Agony Aunt,

For a number of years I have had a pretty strong crush on a particular brand. Some would even call it a case of ‘fanboyism’… I confess I have been in a pretty committed relationship with Kordia. I wear one of my Kordia shirts every week. Sometimes twice a week!

In my defence they are awesome Greg Norman polo shirts. Those of you who know me personally will know what I’m talking about… I am even partial to my Kordia hat. My Kordia branded items have been in many Facebook and Twitter photos over the years and in multiple countries. This has been all well and good until almost a year ago.

I don’t quite know how to put this, but I met another brand… It started off slow and relatively harmless but over time this new brand and I have been getting on pretty well… I mean, I have a lanyard and in the interest of full disclosure there has been some talk of a jacket…

Vocus have awesome DC services and some of the fastest internet I have ever seen. It’s gotten quite serious, I have keys and have been leaving servers and routers overnight.

This is my problem I mean I still really love Kordia, they do the best WAN service in NZ bar none (I’m happy to argue this point with anyone). The staff are all great people and are flexible enough to build cutting edge solutions and did I mention, branded Greg Norman polo shirts!

But, and this is the issue, can I share my heart with two brands? Will they both understand? I mean sometimes I wear my Vocus lanyard over my Kordia polo and people give me that look… I know they are judging me. I know they just don’t understand my relationship.

I can’t help it both providers are AWSOME and have class leading products and I guess the overlap of services is minimal. I think there is room in my heart for 2 brands I just don’t know if society is ready to accept such things….

Yours sincerely,

A confused heart

In all seriousness I can strongly recommend both the team at Kordia and Vocus between them they have some of NZ’s brightest people working on some of the best services and are great to deal with.

As always these views are my own and do not represent my employer!

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Comment by johnr, on 8-Apr-2013 21:41

I meet the CEO of Vocus a few weeks back if I had known I would of got his Autograph / photograph for you!

Comment by naggyman, on 8-Apr-2013 21:46

Hahaha Awesome.

Just split the heart two ways, that way nobody looses.

Comment by ajobbins, on 9-Apr-2013 10:16

This is the slippery slope of brand equality that everyone was worried about!

Comment by sbiddle, on 9-Apr-2013 17:28

You wear that shirt every second day.. Alternating it with the other one you have.

Comment by hugha, on 9-Apr-2013 17:42

Somehow doesn't feel the same as outing yourself because you are in a same brand relationship.

Comment by hugha, on 9-Apr-2013 17:54

Somehow doesn't feel the same as outing yourself because you are in a same brand relationship.

Comment by zANavAShi, on 10-Apr-2013 11:46

I laughed out loud when I read this... yes it is a bit of a pickle Smile

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