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Samsung Galaxy Explodafone (Note 7)

, posted: 30-Sep-2016 12:17

I was early to board the Note 7 train and have to say it is still the best smart phone on the market. All the hype and reviews are right. Samsung have taken a while to get the Note line back to where it should be and they sure have done so with the Note 7. Build quality, premium materials, IP68, expandable storage, potential to explode or down an airliner are just some of its just of its WOW factor. What a great device.

Samsung have managed to create the best and worst smartphone which is a pretty impressive feat.

When explodafone gate first broke I went back to where I purchased my device so they could put me in line for less volatile unit when replacement stock arrived. Personally I assessed the risk of it blowing up to be pretty minor and took care where I charged the device.

The Note 7 is such a great device that I didn’t want to part with it, even if it might explode. Samsung published stats showing how few of them they managed to claw back prior to replacements being available. Don’t quote me but I think it was around 10%.

Subsequently with the FAA making flying harder with a Note 7 and the over-the-air update that cripples the device battery (60% feels more like about 30%) I re-evaluated my stance and figured I better return the device.

This is where the process got a bit draining. Samsung have done a great job and made plenty of options available at the start. From what I have observed Spark and Vodafone have really pulled out the stops to make sure customers were well looked after. Please let me know how you got on below. I however got my device from Noel Leeming.

Noel Leeming from my personal experience have not been as sharp. On the 22nd of September I got a push notification from Samsung saying replacement stock was available so go and see who you bought the device from. I was in Christchurch at the time so Thursday night went to visit a Noel Leeming store and enquire. The staff in the store didn’t know what was going on and had zero idea if they were even going to get new stock and were not able to offer anything else.

As I had ‘cheated death’ this long a few more days probably wouldn’t be the end of the world. Upon returning home I thought I better go get my replacement ASAP so on Thursday (29th) am I went into my local branch and was told ‘oh yeh we had replacement units but they are gone’.

I was a fairly unhappy camper at this point. Originally I was told that I had been the first person to put my name down and enquire about the Note 7 process go figure. I was advised that it would be best if I left my Note 7 with them and they would give me a J5. Fair enough it would only be for a day or 2. I set about removing my sim and wiping everything while the assistant went out to grab a J5. Within seconds of me hitting yes to “Are you sure you want to nuke your device?” the assistant returned to advise say Samsung were not doing that any more. Keep your Note 7! So I left with a nuked Note 7 and the hope that I might get a replacement in a day or so.  

I decided I better check with Samsung to see what their view on this was. I called up and spoke to the rep who was adamant that I should not use my Note 7 however was not sure what I should use. I requested she pop that in an email for me to confirm that Samsung’s view was don’t use my Note 7 go without a device for a while. Oddly enough she was not keen to do so and promised to find a solution and call me back after escalating it. I guess Samsung must be pretty busy with stuff blowing up as 24 hours later no call or follow-up.

Hopefully other Note 7 owners have had a better time getting replacements sorted. In hind sight I should have swapped my device out as soon as that was an option, but unless you own a Note 7 you probably can’t understand how hard it is to part with. Please let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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Comment by freitasm, on 30-Sep-2016 15:53

Go back to Noel Leeming. They have to replace it, even if the "replacement units are gone".

Comment by Johnk, on 2-Oct-2016 16:12

I had a very helpful and easy process myself..
Went into spark a few days after the recall started. Got a J5 and had to live with that for a week or so. 

As soon as I got a text saying spark will have stock at 1pm, I turned up to local spark store at 1:07pm walked out about 5mins later with a new note 7.

Very happy to be back on the note 7. Great device indeed

Comment by Paul M, on 4-Oct-2016 20:13

What a drama!!Called into the shop to return my note 7 and was advised to call the 0800 number to organise the delivery of my new Note7 and that the pickup of my old Note 7 would be organised through the service center Called the 0800 number and after been transferred to different departments i was hung up on Finally got hold of someone after waiting 20 minutes on hold on my second call and was advised that i had to go to the store to organise my new Note7..................Drove back to the store and explained to the staff there what i was told by the service center. The lady took my old Note7 and advised that my new Note would turn up in the mail. so far i have been waiting two weeks for the phone to arrive and every time i call i get passed around departments and ultimatley told that yes your phone will arrive but we are unsure when?!?So far not impressed with the lack of understanding on what the process is regarding this whole recall situation, and am not confident my new phone will arrive, guess ill just have to wait and see and if not then ill waist more of my work days chasing up 2degress.Ill be sure to invoice 2degress for my time lost trying to navigate the total lack of understanding and miscommunication from 2degrees 

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