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My midlife crisis of carrier - Part 1

, posted: 8-Dec-2019 17:07

Ok so this is probably going to be a multipart post. This week just been, I made some major life changes (major in a tech sense, probably still pretty minor in the life scheme of things). I ported my numbers to Spark and bought an iPhone 11 Pro. Cue the *Shock* and outrage… Yup the 021 in chris021 comes from my original switch to Bellsouth (Vodafone). This was back in the mid 90’s. So, a real long time ago.

Sorry to disappoint, but this isn’t a bash Vodafone post either. Sure, had they not upped their $5 dollar a day roaming to $7 (Especially for Australia) and a few other minor things that I won’t bore you with I probably would have never left.

The final catalyst that kicked off this spiral of change was Spark offering the Apple Watch cellular with one number. A feature that I don’t even think I will make much use of because like who goes anywhere without their phone… ever? But still doesn’t it sound friken cool? (I hope I can say Frik here… sorry Mauricio). I mean that has to be some sort of a geek dream right there. Spark have by the looks of things been working hard behind the scene on their eSim support which makes this possible.

Once the ball started rolling I went with it. I was fortunate enough through my day job to have a contact with a particularly good account manager at Spark Business who was willing to pick up my rather modest business account and personally handled my onboarding and porting. Your millage may vary, but I must give credit where credit was due. Spark did a brilliant job of getting me setup, supplied with sims etc and ported across. Everything just happened when they said it would. I will in a later post go into more detail on some of the subtle differences, like the Spark voicemail platform (yes I know voicemail is pretty much dead, and I know this isn’t visual voicemail like everyone would prefer) is much better than Vodafone’s with the ability to get direct to the last message received without having to call in and listen to the 30 prior.

I have not bailed on Vodafone entirely I still have 10 IOT connections with them for various toys and I have no plans to move any of that away.

Prior to my porting date I purchased an iPhone 11 Pro directly from Apple and had it arrive on the day of porting so I was able to make all the changes in one go. That was Friday.

Since Friday I have spammed everyone I know who is still on Apple to make use of iMessage. Yup sadly it’s still a great experience and still relevant. As much as the Android version of me says WhatsApp and Facebook messenger is all you need, the iMessage experience is still slick as and hard to beat.

The hardest part of leaving Android is not having the Huawei P30 Pro camera with me every day. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro ugly 3 camera setup does the business; it works well in close-up scenarios, I would say it does a noticeably better job in taking portrait shots and low light performance is ok. The P30 Pro still blows it away in zoom and night work in my opinion. I also quite like the way the P30 tweaks the colours. I guess its what I am used to. The iPhone colour reproduction is more faithful.

Over then next few weeks I will try to do a couple more posts. A bit of a review of IOS vs Android, the P30 Pro vs the iPhone 11 Pro, Vodafone vs Spark and of course the Apple Watch Cellular… When I manage to lay my hands on one.

If you have managed to read this far thanks :D. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions that you would like answered.


Chris still 021 


Part 2:




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