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My midlife crisis of carrier - Part 2 - APPLE WATCH

, posted: 14-Dec-2019 10:41

Ok so its been 1 week since I made the jump from Vodafone to Spark & Android to Apple. For the most part… Nothing has changed. Its kinda hard to get all religious on Apple vs Android when they are both very good products. Its too soon to really declare any sort of definitive preference.

Yesterday a very helpful courier dropped of my new Apple Watch with GPS and LTE. I had earlier in the day got my awesome Spark account manger to ‘do stuff’ and get my OneNumber ready to rock on my business account.

After the usual cult like ceremonial unboxing I was ready to start playing like Maxwell Smart. Like most of who like to play with tech I completely ignored all instructions and hit the wall of “Spark NZ doesn’t support mobile” or words to that effect. Defeated I read the Spark website instructions which advised that both the watch and phone needed software updates. I dutifully did this. Now the Setup page in the watch app “helpfully” showed a blank webpage. Again defeated I returned to the instructions which this time didn’t shed any light.

While sulking about having to probably wait until Monday to reenact Agent 86 scenes I got an email from Spark advising my wearable plan was now good to go. Back into the watch app and new carrier settings were loaded on my watch.

Much excitement. I could now make calls with my phone off. Yup totally off and I could make calls. However I hit a tiny bit of a snag. Turns out during the slaughter of magical unicorns which is required to connect 2 LTE devices to a single number something went wrong. I could no longer receive any calls on either device, regardless of what was turned on or off. Maybe Spark ran out of unicorn juice on launch day? The Geekzone forums were full of people having activation issues but I was on my own with not getting inbound calls…

I reached out to the Spark twitter team and after a few hours they pushed some buttons and while they didn’t think they had fixed anything, by magic inbound calling was back up and running. Neither Spark nor I know quite what was wrong but for now I can once again receive calls from Microsoft about a problem with my computer. World order has been restored.

If you have an Apple Watch and want to play walkie talkies with me get in touch. It’s pretty frickin awesome!

Dani021 does question if the Apple Watch will be harmful to my mental health. She found me dictating reply’s to instagram DMs in the shower this morning. She says something about needing time to disconnect and recharge… Not sure quite what she is on about. I recharge the watch overnight? The Fitbit does the night shift for sleep tracking as while Apple does have some great 3rd party sleep tracking apps with my travel schedule I see overnight charging as the only realistic option for me.

So now I am fully immersed in the Apple ecosystem. iPad Pro LTE, iPhone 11 Pro, EarPods and Apple Watch 5 GPS LTE 44mm. As Steve Biddle would say, I’m about ready for the Apple tattoo… For me personally it’s about getting the perspective from the other side of the fence. People are still willing to drop absolutely stupid money on Apple products I want to see first hand what the fuss is about.

I have a lot of travel next week which is a great testing ground for tech. Anything that gets in the way or doesn’t add benefit gets dropped fast from my travel kit. I will try and do another blog post in about a week with a further update.

Chris still 021.

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