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Geekzone Forum Usage Guidelines (FUG)
Posted on 24-Jun-2003 09:38 | Tags Filed under: General Information

These are the guidelines to follow when using our forums.


  • These are moderated forums.
  • Geekzone is not affiliated with any particular company, either directly or indirectly for the purpose of forum moderation.
  • Sponsors (if any) have no influence, direct or indirect, on decisions made by Administrators and Moderators in this forum.
  • We require that members respect the decisions of the Moderators.
  • Accusing someone of working for a company or being paid by company because of disagreement in opinions may result on a ban at the discretion of the Administrators or Moderators.
  • Ad Hominem premises are not acceptable.
  • If a company's employee will be offering support or help in our forums they are required to identify themselves by asking Geekzone to assign them a company tag. Without this we won't allow requests for personal information.
  • When providing personal identifiable information users should always use the private message system.
  • Users should be aware that information posted in the forums will be available to everyone else to see, including search engines. If you do not want your name appearing in search engines, make sure you edit this information in your profile page.
  • Posts shall remain on topic. Off topic (OT) replies are not allowed, and the user should create a new topic if needed.
  • Please search the forum before posting - you'll find lots of answers here and this will prevent double posts. Do not post the same topic in more than one subforum.
  • Self-promotional and commercial posts are not allowed and will be removed. The only exception is in the Offers and Wanted forums, where users will be allowed to post non-commercial offers (personal only) after some participation in the forums.
  • Any form of advertising will be removed and the poster may be banned.
  • Astroturfing and Sockpuppteting are not allowed and posters will be banned. If a company IP address is identified we may block that IP address from accessing Geekzone.
  • When talking about a company use their real name. We follow the principle that respect must go both ways.
  • Be polite. Do not SHOUT. Do not post subject in ALL CAPITALS. Be considerate and use standard English, do not use SMS abbreviations.
  • E-mail addresses may be removed, to prevent spam bot harvesting these addresses.
  • You should not ask for other members' personal information (including name, address, phone number and account numbers) unless you have a company tag and work directly in fixing/investigating a fault. 
  • All IP addresses are recorded and will allow us to track fake posts if necessary. Our Privacy Statement explains how we collect and manage this information.
  • Administrators and Moderators can and will delete or edit posts if these fall out of these guidelines. If the behaviour persists the poster can be banned. This ban is for an unlimited time. In some situations moderators may decide to apply a temporary suspension instead.
  • Discussions about the copyright law itself are welcome. You can not complain about notifications or terminations that were sent by ISPs according to the law and you can not discuss in details how to bypass the copyright law. For example saying a specific technology can be used is ok, describing step-by-step how to do it is not.
  • The [Offers and Wanted] forum has specific rules that must be read before posting in said forum.
  • Godwin's Law will result in an instant ban.

Posts will be removed and the user may be banned (either temporarily or permanently) if:


  • the post promotes illicit material;
  • the post promotes ways of breaking the law;
  • the post contains unlock codes;
  • the post links to unauthorised sources of copyrighted material not property of the author;
  • the post links to contests, pyramid schemes or affiliate programs, get rich scams;
  • the post contains instructions for sharing mechanisms that impact revenue streams of content providers;
  • the post is simply for URL dropping or SEO link building and similar;
  • the post is one of multiple copies in different forums;
  • the posts contains unnecessarily long quotes from previous replies;
  • the post contains or links profanity or adult material;
  • the post contains abuse towards any person, Geekzone user or not;
  • the post contains confidential information or information subject to NDA or other agreements and the owner requests removal;
  • the post can be considered libel or defamation;
  • the forum is used as a "soapbox" by first time posters; "soapbox" posts usually have inflammatory subjects, bad words and the user does not come back with responses after being contacted by the ISP or other users.

Posts will be removed and the user will be banned if:


  • it promotes and advocates extremism or other ideologies of hate.

Copyright: Geekzone does not claim copyright on your comments. You give Geekzone unlimited, non-revocable right to use the topics, replies, quotes you posted. You can request us to remove personal identifiable information from your posts but comments and opinions will remain in our database.


Agreement: Users posting in our forums agree to these terms. If you do not agree with these terms please do not proceed.




Update history:
19 July 2012: Added mention of breaking the law. More specifically because users where recommending ways to defraud New Zealand Customs.
16 October 2012: Reformatted.
14 January 2013: Added words explaining "soapbox" in more detail; reworded "instructions for sharing mechanisms that impact revenue streams of content providers".
6 April 2014: Added link to [Offers and Wanted] forum rules.
22 September 2014: Added words to prevent non-company users asking for personal information. Users should not disclose personal information to anyone that does not have a "company tag".
4 October 2014: added sockpupeting to terms.
27 June 2016: added "unnecessary quotes" and moved Godwin's Law to its own section
17 August 2017: added "extremism" and "ideologies of hate" as an instant ban offence to this FUG.


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