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Content distribution using a point server application
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 20:48 by M Freitas | Filed under: Articles

Content distribution using a point server application
Mobile marketing does not need to be intrusive. It can be permissions based, user initiated, and interactive. It needs to be location based. Either the system needs to know where the user is at the moment a request is performed, or the system needs to be close to the user to be sure to reach the right customer.

With all sorts of mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones and handhelds) being used everywhere, mobile marketing needs a system where users can load into a personal "wallet" information received from islands of information located in specific points, like restaurants, stores, shopping malls, museums or information booths.

The ideal system would allow the content to be created and modified by its owner in an easy way.

Midletsoft has created the Jellingspot Data Server and Clients to enable distribution of content through islands of information. Jellingspot is a network built upon a point server. Point servers host software applications for short-range wireless devices clustered around a specific point, whether mobile or stationary, and integrates the software, devices, and users into a cohesive system.

These content distribution points create various marketing opportunities:

  • Allows businesses to send customers electronic coupons, informational text and corporate information, electronic advertisements, video/audio, and more;
  • Alerts potential customers to a locationís presence and its offered services;
  • Lets customers interact with businesses by leaving feedback, completed electronic forms, ability to browse catalogs and menus;
  • Data transmission is free to both sender and receiver.

    The name Jellingspot comes from the Jelling Stone, one of the most important Viking artifacts ever discovered. It documents parts of the Viking history. The stone was commissioned by Harald Bluetooth. Most appropriate to have this as part of the name of a Bluetooth enabled service.

    The Jellingspot Data Server (JDS) is a point server that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit various data to wireless devices: electronic coupons, informational text, audio, video, corporate information, and more.

    Users with Jellingspot enabled devices can currently receive graphic based advertisements, electronic coupons which they can use when buying goods, and receive text updates about new clothes in the store, upcoming sales, and corporate information.

    Stores use special signs, like the credit card ones, to indicate the availability of this service. Users can then search for the point server and connect to these services using client software in Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. Currently clients are available for Symbian Smartphones, with Palm OS and Windows Mobile handheld versions coming later.

    Searching for a server

    Selecting services to connect

    The JDS offers various services, each with a particular characteristic:

  • Informational Text Broadcast (TextBroadcast): a service that sends text based messages to any wireless device running the Jellingspot client.

    Example of Text Broadcast

  • Graphic Media Pusher (Adpusher): allows stores to send graphic based advertisements and coupons to any wireless device running the Jellingspot client. Any ad or coupon can be saved into an inbox to be redeemed later.

    Example of Media Pusher

    According to the Midletsoft other services are planned for future versions:

  • Multi-Media Pusher (MultiMedia): allows stores to send video clips of products, games, movies, and more.
  • File Server (fServe): The fServe service allows stores to send catalogs, price guides, menus, and more.

    Administrators use a web based tool to configure the services and create the pieces of information to be sent:

    Jellingspot Data Server (JDS) configuration: creating a text broadcast

    The JDS acts like a container where services are deployed onto the server. It means developers can create other Bluetooth services that need delivery means. The Jellispots Service Beans (.jsbs) are plugged into the server and then controlled from there. The JDS handles all the communication between the Bluetooth stack, APIs, etc. Midletsoft is building a developer's network, with forums, Services Beans, and other information.

    Although the point server concept is not new, the current availability of mobile devices with low power wireless connections makes this an appropriate time to develop the idea. The current mobile market is accelerating, with smartphones sales increasing quarter after quarter, creating a critical mass that will demand more from these devices.

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