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Apple News: I知 there
Posted on 1-Aug-2015 17:42 by Bill Bennett | Tags Filed under: Articles

Apple is working with publishers to add a new and fast-loading news app to iOS.

The app, called Apple News, will show up on iPhone and iPad home pages when iOS 9 arrives later this year.

Apple News pulls in news feeds from different publishers and displays them in a magazine-style format like Flipboard. Readers will be able to filter their feeds so they can get the subjects they care about most.

The idea is that you値l be able to quickly read the material you consider important from a variety of sources without jumping from one app or website to another.

In some respects it値l replace RSS readers, which never fully recovered from the untimely and ill-judged death of Google Reader.

Because it comes from Apple there痴 an emphasis on how things look. Apple News is prettier than Google Reader replacements like Feedly. Although they set a low bar to beat.

The app will automatically format material for iOS devices and will adjust for screen size. Most likely there will be something for Apple Watch owners too.

Apple has signed up publishers including my New Zealand Technology site. I知 curious to see how the model might work for publishers and writers.

We need some fresh ideas, few of the existing online publishing models work except for the biggest publishers or those with something worth putting behind a paywall.

Apple News will include advertising. This is where the project gets interesting because at the same time the Safari iOS 9 browser will include optional ad blocking.

This could be interpreted as Apple making life harder for publishers operating out the in the wild while offering something cosy inside the company痴 walled garden.

Possibly, but there痴 another way of looking at this: Online advertising is a mess. Few publishers make more than a pittance from running banner ads, Google ads or indeed any kind of undifferentiated advertising. I stopped ads on my site because the revenue barely covered administering ad sales let alone other costs.

Things are extra hard for publishers when it comes to earning money from mobile readers. That痴 where the audience is, but mobile ads earn a fraction of the money earned by PC browser ads. A small percentage of bugger all is barely worth the effort.

It痴 unlikely Apple News will do much for my income, but it痴 a publishing channel and business model worth exploring. I知 interested to see how Apple will make it pay.

Or even if Apple will make it pay. That痴 not a given. Remember the old iOS newsstand wasn稚 a rip-roaring success. And I recall writing about how news publishers like Rupert Murdoch were excited about the iPad’s potential to save their broken business models.

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