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Edifier R2000DB Lifestyle speakers review
Posted on 28-May-2017 14:46 by M Freitas | Tags Filed under: Reviews

The Edifier brand has been around for many years but only recently it started a focused marketing push aiming at capturing some of the New Zealand’s consumer market. The brand is mostly associated with desktop speakers for personal computers but they offer options for those who want to enhance their entertainment experience without a big budget.


I have been using a pair of Edifier R2000DB Lifestyle speakers for a month or so now, plugged into our Amazon Fire TV. Compared to your standard stereo TV speakers, the Edifier R2000DB really takes listening music, watching movies and TV series to a new level.


Granted it’s not the same as having a full home theatre setup at home but as stereo goes, the Edifier R2000DB speakers gives you an upgrade that’s worth the ticket price (currently around $300 - $ 380 depending on where you buy).


First you will notice it’s not your usual pair of desktop speakers – no plastic here but a MDF wooden enclosure finished in a high gloss piano black that makes it either stand out or blend in, depending on your décor style.



Measuring 175mm x 288mm x 230mm I consider it a medium sized set of speakers. It fits neatly alongside a large TV but the long speaker connecting cable allows the units to be separated by a good distance (almost 5m between them if needed).


The Edifier R2000DB Lifestyle speakers has two line inputs, plus Bluetooth and optical audio inputs. In my month using it I connected the Amazon Fire TV using the optical cable and the sound was astounding, with great and deep bass for the action movies and clear mid ranges for dialogs and music.


I did have a problem when I initially connected the Amazon Fire TV as it defaults to output Surround sound by default via optical. This cause an interesting effect in some (not all) movies, where the sound was very distorted. Turning Surround sound off on the Amazon Fire TV fixed this and I had no problems since.



I had my smartphone and laptop paired with these speakers via Bluetooth and the sound was clear with practically no lag, which is something I have noticed when using other brands over Bluetooth (noticeable on other speakers mainly when playing music video clips).


The controls are very easy to use and you will find separate dials for volume, bass and treble in the back of the main speaker. Even without reading the manual I realised that pushing the Volume button acted as an Input selected – each click changing between Line 1, Line 2, Bluetooth, Optical. These inputs are indicated by a discreet LED in the front of the speaker, showing blue, red or green depending on input being used.



This is good because the remote control is the only thing I didn’t quite like here. It’s one of those small plastic IR controls with flat buttons that I know at some point will just break if you use too much. Having said that the remove worked extremely well from the distance we use to watch TV here – around five to six metres.


Overall the Edifier R2000DB Lifestyle speakers can be easily a great investment for those who want to experience a bit more from their entertainment units.


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