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Bluetake i-Phono Mini Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review
Posted on 21-Dec-2005 10:46 by M Freitas | Tags Filed under: Reviews

Bluetake i-Phono Mini Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review
What a difference a few months make. The new Bluetake i-Phono Mini Bluetooth Stereo Headset (BT450Rx) is so small and practical, that when comparing this new model with the previous Bluetake i-Phono it makes the old one look gigantic!

I have been using the Mini Bluetooth Stereo Headset BT450Rx for a while now, and it is a great companion to any Bluetooth device.

It's simple to use, and at the same time full of resources. For example, I have this paired with my Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC Phone Edition, so I can receive phone calls and answer them handsfree over Bluetooth. At the same time I have the BT450Rx paired with my desktop, so that I can listen stereo music wirelessly.

If a call comes the BT450Rx device will automatically switch between the music and the mobile phone and I am able to answer the call without any other sound coming through. And when I hang up the sound switches back to the original source.

The BT450Rx is very light, weighing onl 26g, including the battery! This rechargeable battery can power it up for about 6 hours, but it depends on the use. Since the device charges through a mini USB cable it's easy to keep it always charged - just plug it into any USB port on your computer to keep it up and running.

Bluetake packs a wall charger (yes, they even have an Australia/New Zealand plug!) and a Y-splitter USB cable, so that you can recharge the headsets and a transmitter (if you happen to have one of their models below).

Bluetake also offers an adapter (BT430Tx, sold separately) for non-Bluetooth devices, enabling A2DP by simply pluging the adapter to any mini audio jack. This adapter can pair automatically with the BT450Rx and you have instant Bluetooth stereo audio for older devices.

Also, if you have an iPod, the special iPod adapter (BT450Tx, sold separately) will allow not only stereo audio, but full remote control of your device, throug the AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile).

The BT450Rx runs Bluetooth 1.2 software and is compatible with mobile phones (headset and handsfree profiles), and other audio devices, via the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). The A2DP allows for stereo transmission of audio over Bluetooth.

Click images for larger view

For my tests I've used a Bluetake BT007si Bluetooth adapter (sold separately) - the smallest Bluetooth USB dongle I've came across! This device runs the Bluesoleil Bluetooth stack, offering A2DP - and the installation was really easy, unlike other Bluetooth software I've tested before.

You will notice the BT450Rx uses a new behind-the-ear plastic loop, with rubber pads that fit comfortably without pressure. A flexible cable links each headset, unlike the previous models which used a rigid foldable plastic link. This behind-the-ear loop swivels, making it easy to adapt to any ear position or size.

The right headset has a built-in microphone, a power control and the volume knob. This volume knob can also be used to remote control an iPod with the proper adapter.

In terms of sound it's a good device, and being over the ears it can't filter all external noise - but the sound is nice and clear and it's actually very good for working or travelling. The automatic switch to a mobile phone works well, and the sound during voice calls is good, without distortion.

  • Small, light
  • Looks
  • mini USB charging

  • Cable can tangle a little when in the pocket - perhaps a retractable version could be done?

  • More information:

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