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You haven't logged in yet. If you don't have an account you can register now. launches new line of cases for RIM Blackberry devices
Posted on 19-Oct-2004 08:14Tags News, BlackBerry

Line include aluminum case and leather cases by Piel Frama. Comments (Comments)

RIM previews new BlackBerry handheld for wireless LAN
Posted on 19-Oct-2004 07:42Tags News, BlackBerry

The BlackBerry 7270 integrates support for VoWLAN (voice over IP over wireless LAN) and wireless enterprise applications in a single device while the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 adds WLAN support. Comments (Comments)

EDS and Vodafone on global BlackBerry service deployment
Posted on 16-Oct-2004 09:16Tags News, BlackBerry

Companies work together on a large-scale global deployment of managed service at ABN AMRO. Comments (Comments)

WorldMate for Blackberry
Posted on 6-Oct-2004 03:10Tags Software, BlackBerry

Mobimate has announced a version of its WorldMate best seller compatible with RIM Blackberry devices. Comments (Comments)

Cingular introduces the Blackberry 7290 to the US market
Posted on 29-Sep-2004 17:59Tags News, BlackBerry

Cingular's first Quad-Band Blackberry comes with better backlight and support for Bluetooth handsets. Comments (Comments)

New RIM Blackberry 7290 with Bluetooth support
Posted on 28-Sep-2004 23:49Tags News, BlackBerry

The new model follows the popular 7200 series form factor, but comes with quad-band GSM/GPRS support and Bluetooth support for headsets and handsfree car kits. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone Australia launches Blackberry Internet Service
Posted on 20-Sep-2004 19:50Tags News, BlackBerry

Australian users can now have access to a Blackberry service aimed to personal users, SME (Small-to-medium Enterprises) and the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) markets. Comments (Comments)

RIM announces the Vodafone ready Blackberry 7100v
Posted on 16-Sep-2004 20:19Tags News, BlackBerry

The BlackBerry 7100v is the second RIM Blackberry device to look like a standard mobile phone, and will be available exclusively through Vodafone. Comments (Comments)

New RIM Blackberry 7100t looks like a phone - but acts like an organiser
Posted on 9-Sep-2004 07:37Tags News, BlackBerry

The new Blackberry 7100t also bring bluetooth and a new keyboard layout. Comments (Comments)

RIM Blackberry 7230 by Vodafone review
Posted on 22-Aug-2004 22:32Tags Reviews, BlackBerry, by M Freitas

The Blackberry handheld is a paradigm shift. Think about always being connected with its twists. Comments (Comments)

RIM Blackberry users can now synchronise with Apple Mac
Posted on 20-Aug-2004 08:17Tags News, BlackBerry

New PocketMac Blackberry Edition synchronises Address Book, Entourage, iCal and other PIM software on Apple Mac computers. Comments (Comments)

More Blackberry for Australian users
Posted on 10-Aug-2004 20:59Tags News, BlackBerry

The RIM Blackberry devices is now offered by Australian operator Optus. Comments (Comments)

TelerateMobile brings display and analysis of market data to mobile devices
Posted on 9-Aug-2004 20:37Tags News, BlackBerry

New service provides access to real-time market data, analysis & news via wireless enabled devices, including Blackberry and in the future Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Comments (Comments)

Blackberry Connect Solution to be enabled in Motorola MPx and MPx220 devices
Posted on 27-Jul-2004 23:47Tags News, BlackBerry

Through RIM's BlackBerry Connect licensing program, the Motorola MPx and MPx220 will be able to connect to BlackBerry services including BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Web Client. Comments (Comments)

Singtel offering RIM Blackberry
Posted on 15-Jul-2004 23:09Tags News, BlackBerry

Corporate customers will have access to Blackberry devices and services from 16 July. Comments (Comments)

RIM results show increase in number of Blackberry users
Posted on 30-Jun-2004 19:45Tags News, BlackBerry

Net income of US$55 million, with 1.340 million subscribers of Blackberry services. Comments (Comments)

Enhanced PGP compatibility for RIM Blackberry Enterprise Server
Posted on 19-May-2004 07:44Tags News, BlackBerry

PGP Corporation and RIM announced an alliance to expand existing solution. Comments (Comments)

Research-in-motion (RIM) and SAP together in mobile CRM application
Posted on 13-May-2004 20:31Tags News, BlackBerry

The companies plan to release a mobile sales solution based on mySAP CRM. Comments (Comments)

RIM Blackberry via Vodafone Australia
Posted on 4-May-2004 18:37Tags News, BlackBerry

Australian users now have another alternative for mobilisation. Comments (Comments)

Blackberry more secure
Posted on 3-May-2004 23:26Tags News, BlackBerry

Research In Motion (RIM) licenses the Security Crypto Builder and other IP from Certicom. Comments (Comments)

Abidia launches mobile eBay solution for Pocket PC and RIM BlackBerry
Posted on 2-May-2004 12:30Tags News, BlackBerry

The company is adding to its portfolio of auction mobile solutions, which also includes programs for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

Motorola to license RIM technology
Posted on 21-Apr-2004 23:11Tags News, BlackBerry

Some Motorola mobile phones will provide support for Blackberry Enterprise Server and Web Client. Comments (Comments)

Beiks release offline reference for RIM Blackberry
Posted on 9-Apr-2004 10:50Tags News, BlackBerry

The Company is now offering the BDicty Dictionary for use on the mobile platform. Comments (Comments)

New colour Blackberry for CDMA 2000 1x networks
Posted on 23-Mar-2004 07:57Tags News, BlackBerry

Verizone Wireless will be the first using the new BlackBerry 7750 Wireless Handheld. Comments (Comments)

Creating multimedia content for the Blackberry platform
Posted on 22-Mar-2004 19:34Tags News, BlackBerry

Plazmic will show a free tool to create interactive and animated content for the mobile platform, including Macromedia Flash conversion tools. Comments (Comments)

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