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RIM Blackeberry coming to SingTel and Optus
Posted on 22-Mar-2004 18:15Tags News, BlackBerry

Users in Singapore and Australia will have access to mobile services based on RIM technology and mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

KPN will bring RIM BlackBerry to The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
Posted on 18-Mar-2004 08:35Tags News, BlackBerry

Trials to start in spring, with commercial launch in Summer 2004. Comments (Comments)

RIM signs up with Cingular and Orange
Posted on 26-Feb-2004 21:25Tags News, BlackBerry

Research In Motion (RIM) expands into France and gets bigger in the US. Comments (Comments)

BlackBerry signs up more than one millionth subscribers
Posted on 5-Feb-2004 20:12Tags News, BlackBerry

BlackBerry was originally introduced in 1999 and quickly became the wireless email standard for many enterprise and government organizations. Comments (Comments)

Samsung and RIM to offer BlackBerry connectivity for Samsung wireless handhelds
Posted on 30-Jan-2004 17:42Tags News, BlackBerry

RIM's BlackBerry Connect licensing program will help Samsung enable its wireless handhelds to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server framework. Comments (Comments)

eWord: word processing for Blackberry
Posted on 13-Dec-2003 08:18Tags Software, BlackBerry

The Dynoplex software can edit document that arrive as e-mail attachments and is complatible with Microsoft Word. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone launches services with Blackberry
Posted on 4-Nov-2003 07:53Tags News, BlackBerry

The Blackberry 7230 will incorporate a Vodafone Live! style of menus too. Comments (Comments)

Blackberry Enterprise Server adds support to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Posted on 22-Oct-2003 18:09Tags News, BlackBerry

Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone strategy relies on tight integration with its Exchange Server - but Research In Motion (RIM) is now adding this capability to its Blackeberry server too, making it even more attractive to enterprise users. Comments (Comments)

Blackberry 7230 review on PC Magazine
Posted on 21-Sep-2003 23:23Tags News, BlackBerry

The October issue of PC Magazine published a Blackberry 7230 review. The Blackberry 7230 is the first colour screen RIM product. Comments (Comments)

When the security of your device is not only your problem
Posted on 26-Aug-2003 07:58Tags News, BlackBerry

A VP at Morgan Stanley sells his Blackberry on eBay. And withouth knowing with it goes company e-mails, phone books and secret stuff. Where is the security? Comments (Comments)

Blackberry 7230 review on eWeek
Posted on 17-Aug-2003 13:05Tags News, BlackBerry

The Blackberry 7230 was launched in U.S and Australia. It gives the user a colour screen, always on e-mail and internet browser. eWeek published a review of this device connected to the T-Mobile network. Comments (Comments)

Telstra introduces BlackBerry 7230 in Australia
Posted on 14-Aug-2003 17:41Tags News, BlackBerry

Telstra announced the availability of RIM's Blackberry 7230 in Australia. The new version brings colour screen and many improvements to e-mail and browsing. Comments (Comments)

T-Mobile brings Blackberry 7230 to U.S.
Posted on 13-Aug-2003 00:01Tags News, BlackBerry

The American T-Mobile started selling the Blackberry 7230, with colour screen. Comments (Comments)

In a twist of RIM case a judge allows the company to keep selling the Blackberry product and services
Posted on 7-Aug-2003 18:49Tags News, BlackBerry

A new ruling delivered by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia favored RIM and allows RIM to continue selling its products and services in the United States without interruption. Comments (Comments)

RIM loses court battle involving Blackberry and patent rights
Posted on 6-Aug-2003 17:51Tags News, BlackBerry

According to a report on RIM (Research In Motion) lost the court case to NTP. The company will have to pay US$ 53 million and is not allowed to sell products that use NTP's patents in U.S. until 2012. Comments (Comments)

RIM introduces color and GSM tri-band to Blackberry
Posted on 3-Jun-2003 07:52Tags News, BlackBerry

The Blackberry is used around the world (including Australia, by Telstra). Now it's available in tri-band, which makes it really a world class device. Comments (Comments)

Telefonica of Spain and RIM working together.
Posted on 1-May-2003 00:43Tags News, BlackBerry

Telefonica started operations of Blackberry in Spain. The device connects to Telefonica's GSM/GPRS network and allows access to services supplied by its mobile operator, Movistar. Comments (Comments)

Verizon Wireless and RIM demonstrate the BlackBerry 6750 at CTIA Wireless 2003
Posted on 22-Mar-2003 17:10Tags News, BlackBerry

The BlackBerry 6750 is the first CDMA of this line of mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

Vodafone D2 to bring RIM Blackberry to the German market.
Posted on 18-Mar-2003 21:46Tags News, BlackBerry

Vodafone D2 and Research In Motion plan to bring Blackberry to Vodafone customers in Germany. Comments (Comments)

Telstra (Australia) completes trial with RIM Blackberry
Posted on 17-Mar-2003 19:00Tags News, BlackBerry

Telstra (Australia) announced that several large corporate customers have successfully implemented its BlackBerry wireless email solution, delivering unprecedented flexibility and security to mobile professionals. Comments (Comments)

RIM Introduces BlackBerry 6200 Wireless Handhelds In Europe
Posted on 13-Mar-2003 09:54Tags News, BlackBerry

The new, smaller version of Blackberry handhelds on display at CeBIT show in Germany. Comments (Comments)

Research In Motion and T-Mobile International Announce First BlackBerry Solution for 'Prosumer' Market in Europe
Posted on 6-Mar-2003 07:40Tags News, BlackBerry

Research In Motion (RIM) and T-Mobile International announced that they are working together to introduce the first BlackBerry offering for professional consumers and smaller firms in Germany, the UK and Austria, with other T-Mobile markets to follow. Comments (Comments)

Singapore's StarHub signs deal with Research In Motion
Posted on 19-Feb-2003 17:21Tags News, BlackBerry

Starhub signed a deal to take the Blackberry device into Singapore. Comments (Comments)

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