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Podcasting from the Pocket PC with AudioBay
Posted on 17-Mar-2006 08:31Tags Software, Software

Software offers podcasting solution for Pocket PCs from recording to uploading and distribution. Comments (Comments)

FlexMail 2006 for Pocket PC
Posted on 13-Mar-2006 08:39Tags Software, Software

Software supports reading and replying to ActiveSync email for basic operations or through its POP3/IMAP4 services to an e-mail server. Comments (Comments)

Mobile Sync for Plaxo (Pocket PC)
Posted on 12-Mar-2006 19:10Tags Software, Software

WebIS Mobile Sync is an over-the-air synching tool for the Pocket PC that acts as a Plaxo client and provides a fully connected Address Book. Comments (Comments)

Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC
Posted on 12-Mar-2006 15:46Tags Software, Software

The Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC allows you to monitor GPRS Internet data usage both through charts and numbers, giving you more control on your mobile phone bill. Comments (Comments)

Orneta unveils Beta Program for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone applications.
Posted on 10-Mar-2006 20:03Tags News, Software

Orneta has announced a new beta program designed to help power users to preview upcoming Orneta releases for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 2003 Pocket PCs and Smartphones. Comments (Comments)

DDH Software Announces New Version of HanDBase for PDAs and Smartphone
Posted on 10-Mar-2006 19:50Tags News, Software

Latest version of HanDBase features a new Mac Desktop component and refinements aimed specifically toward Treo 600, 650 and 700w users. Comments (Comments)

An Alternative Push E-mail for Windows Mobile
Posted on 7-Mar-2006 17:24Tags News, Software

A clever piece of software allows Pocket PC Phone Edition devices to receive notifications of new e-mails via SMS and then pull them off of an e-mail server. Comments (Comments)

Webby Brings Free Tabbed Browser for Pocket PC
Posted on 7-Mar-2006 10:47Tags News, Software

Multi-tab browsing and web page scaling based on Skweezer and Google Mobile are part of free software for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC platform. Comments (Comments)

Spb Pocket Plus 3.1 for Pocket PC Released
Posted on 3-Mar-2006 10:56Tags News, Software

Software update enhances perfomance over previous versions and uses less memory thanks to feature selection. Comments (Comments)

Free Earthcomber Software for Windows Mobile Debuts
Posted on 2-Mar-2006 22:24Tags News, Software

Users can specify exact types of restaurants, shops, ATMs, hotels, landmarks and plot them on a map, as well as join or create groups that let them share or discover spot. Comments (Comments)

Memory-Map Topo PC and Pocket PC Software Review
Posted on 28-Feb-2006 10:39Tags Reviews, Software, by Peter Torr Smith

This is such a cool package for map lovers and gadgeteers alike. It provides mapping and GPS integration capabilities for both PC and Pocket PC, with simple and almost seamless integration between the two. It also provides very powerful 3D explore and fly-through capability for the PC. Comments (Comments)

Handster Releases Embedded Payment Solution for Pocket PC Software
Posted on 27-Feb-2006 16:39Tags News, Software

Software authors can now charge for software directly from within the software running on Windows Mobile devices. Comments (Comments)

MARA Discovers First PC to Handheld Crossover Malware
Posted on 26-Feb-2006 16:26Tags News, Software

The Mobile Malware Researchers Association has found the first malware to cross-infect a Pocket PC from a binary on the desktop PC. Comments (Comments)

Pocket Informant Release Freeware Boggle 411 for Pocket PC
Posted on 25-Feb-2006 10:52Tags News, Software

You need instant access to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Google, movie times, and other information? PI comes with a free solution for US-based users. Comments (Comments)

SBSH iLauncher for Pocket PC Updated to Version 2.3
Posted on 21-Feb-2006 08:41Tags Software, Software

The SBSH iLauncher software was updated to version 2.3, featuring new menu replacement, captions support, D-Pad navigation and other features. Comments (Comments)

Minimo 0.13 for Pocket PC Released
Posted on 18-Feb-2006 11:18Tags News, Software

New version sports updated User Interface. Comments (Comments)

MySQLMobile for Pocket PC
Posted on 18-Feb-2006 10:47Tags Software, Software

MySQLMobile allows software developers to write their own applications that can interact with mySQL databases. Comments (Comments)

Skype Introduces Next Generation Mobile Application for Pocket PC
Posted on 16-Feb-2006 10:47Tags News, Software

Skype will also sell Pocket PC devices directly from their Skype Store and through Expansys. Comments (Comments)

BullGuard Releases Multi-Platform Mobile Anti-Virus Retail Pack
Posted on 14-Feb-2006 00:17Tags News, Software

BullGuard Mobile Anti-virus will be available as a multi-platform retail pack, for mobile devices using Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems. Comments (Comments)

Vito SoundExplorer 1.7 Released
Posted on 13-Feb-2006 23:02Tags Software, Software

VITO SoundExplorer is an audio player, audio recorder and file explorer designed specially for browsing music content on a Pocket PC. Comments (Comments)

Sprite Backup 5 for Pocket PC Review
Posted on 8-Feb-2006 12:00Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

Sprite Software is releasing Sprite Backup 5, a full backup management solution for Windows Mobile devices, including options to automate backup operations, backup to a PC and even backup over networks. Comments (Comments)

Web IS Announces Availability of Mobile Personal Contact Syncing Capability with Plaxo
Posted on 8-Feb-2006 08:47Tags News, Software

Windows Mobile users will soon be able to synchronise contact information over the air to Plaxo services. Comments (Comments)

New FUEL embedded database supports Windows Mobile
Posted on 7-Feb-2006 09:35Tags News, Software

Database is complatible across platforms includings Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Monta Vista Linux. Comments (Comments)

OmniMD Showcases Cardiology EMR Software
Posted on 7-Feb-2006 09:19Tags News, Software

OmniMD Cardiology EMR addresses the practice automation needs of cardiology specialty. Comments (Comments)

Spb Diary for Pocket PC Updated to Version 1.7
Posted on 3-Feb-2006 10:18Tags News, Software

New version introduces a bundle of new features like the Messages Tab, an auto-height adjustment feature, native birthdays support and integration with Spb Finance as well as improved speed, better usability in the Notes Tab and many other changes. Comments (Comments)

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