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Keeping Your Guard up in the Face of Socially Engineered Scams
Posted on 28-Nov-2022 17:37 Articles, Security, by Lloyd Evans, Head of Identity, LastPass JAPAC

Most of us are familiar with traditional phishing emails, with the tell-tale signs of dodgy emails easy to spot. However, phishing scams are becoming more sophisticated and harder to catch, and unfortunately aren't slowing down in volume.

Everything we learnt at the IBM Cloud Forum 2020
Posted on 29-Jul-2020 14:45 Articles, Sponsored

At the IBM Cloud Forum 2020, tech experts delivered a strong message: businesses need to use information technology in new and creative ways to enhance their customers' experiences and get ahead of market disruptors and other competitors.

Microsoft ices heated developers
Posted on 6-Jul-2018 20:16 Articles, Computing, by Pat Pilcher

Microsoft may be in for a case of post-purchase dissonance after paying US$7.5 billion (NZ$10.8 billion) for GitHub to then stand accused by its community of being complicit in Trump's Mexican border travesty.

How back office transformation drives IRD efficiency
Posted on 12-Apr-2018 21:15 Articles, Computing, by Donovan Jackson

With the Inland Revenue Department undergoing a massive systems upgrade, transformation of the back office is among the central raisons d'etre.

iPod laws in a smartphone world: will we ever get copyright right?
Posted on 12-Apr-2018 21:13 Articles, Web media, by Jonathan Cotton

Innovation-unfriendly laws prevail as A/NZ lawmakers struggle to keep pace with technology.

Foodstuffs to trial digitised shopping trolleys
Posted on 21-Feb-2018 18:27 Articles, Internet of Things, by Donovan Jackson

Auckland-based software company IMAGR is launching its Smartcart shopping solution at Four Square Ellerslie.

2018: The year of zero-login, smart cars & the biometrics of things
Posted on 21-Feb-2018 18:25 Articles, Internet of Things, by Jonathan Cotton

With 2017 seeming like just one long string of security breaches against consumers, companies and even whole countries - and with the login-process still an enormous pain in the behind - can we just get some innovation happening in identity authentication please?

New Zealand's IT industry in 2018 and beyond
Posted on 22-Jan-2018 12:50 Articles, Computing, by iStart

International Data Corporation (IDC) has made some predictions for the New Zealand IT industry for 2018 and beyond.

Introducing your new workplace headache: Gen Z
Posted on 22-Jan-2018 12:45 Articles, Web media, by Jonathan Cotton

The new (est) breed takes a different approach to tech than their Millennial predecessors.

All I want for Christmas is a new EV
Posted on 19-Dec-2017 19:54 Articles, EV, by Donovan Jackson

Futurist reckons ICE cars will be obsolete in under a decade. He might just be right...

How clever is this: AI will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020
Posted on 19-Dec-2017 19:52 Articles, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, by iStart

While eliminating 1.8 million less demanding ones...

2018 Cyber Security Predictions
Posted on 7-Dec-2017 14:55 Articles, Security, by Mark Shaw, Technology Strategist, Symantec

This past year, cyber criminals caused major service disruptions around the world, using their increasing technical proficiency to break through cyber defences. In 2018, we expect the trend to become more pronounced as these attackers will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to launch even more potent attacks.

Digital transformation is dead
Posted on 7-Dec-2017 09:31 Articles, Digital Business, by Donovan Jackson

Long live digital transformation

Fake news and cyber security
Posted on 7-Dec-2017 09:27 Articles, Security, by Donovan Jackson

Why thinking clearly about security is so hard.

Techweek looks to import VIP contingent
Posted on 30-Nov-2017 09:33 Articles, Web media, by Jonathan Cotton

It seems in 2017 every country wants to rebrand itself as an innovation hotspot, and New Zealand is no different. But what are we doing about it?

DevOps, disruption and Tesla doing business the old fashioned way
Posted on 30-Nov-2017 09:26 Articles, Digital Business, by Donovan Jackson

All the awesome tech in the world still superseded by the basics...

From small to medium and beyond: Navigating the ERP battlefield
Posted on 21-Nov-2017 21:12 Articles, SaaS, by Donovan Jackson

The double-edged sword of right-sizing your systems...

Business owners: ERP software selection starts (and finishes) with you
Posted on 21-Nov-2017 21:11 Articles, SaaS, by Donovan Jackson

Rushing into an RFP process wastes everyone's time.

The Cloud is Getting Darker
Posted on 5-Oct-2017 20:47 Articles, Security, by Symantec

We are living in a cloud generation powered by a fundamental shift in the way enterprises, employees and customers use technology. The traditional corporate security perimeter is being transformed by the dominance of hybrid IT infrastructure, growth in personally owned devices, ubiquitous high-speed internet and cloud-based computing platforms. 

What is wrong with Apple?
Posted on 1-Feb-2016 20:36 Articles, Consumer Electronics, by Howard Yu, Professor at IMD business school

To industry pundits and casual observers, it came as a shock this week when Apple projected that growth for its iPhone sales would hit the slowest pace since 2007, the year of the iconic phone's release. At the same time came the first forecasted decline in Apple's revenue in the last 13 years.

Unisys predicts entirely new classes of cyberthreats will require fresh countermeasures in 2016
Posted on 16-Dec-2015 19:13 Articles, Security, by Unisys APAC

Rogue intelligence officers, machine-controlled physical attacks, and the rise of quantum computing will demand new approaches such as micro-segmentation and quantum encryption.

Symantec Security Predictions for 2016 -- Looking Ahead
Posted on 15-Dec-2015 21:54 Articles, Security, by Symantec

Today's cybercriminals are skilled enough and sufficiently resourced to have the persistence and patience to carry out highly successful attacks on consumers, businesses and governments around the world. Their efforts have turned cybercrime into big business with private information being stolen on an epic scale.

2016 Cyber Security Predictions
Posted on 15-Dec-2015 21:50 Articles, Security, by Amit Yoran, President of RSA

2015 was most notably characterised by security vendors claiming to be able to prevent advanced threat breaches when the reality is, they can't. It was characterised by enterprises recognising the need to monitor and defend their digital environments differently, but continuing to centre their security programs on the same technologies and approaches they have been using - hoping for a different outcome, but not acting differently.

Westpac builds online banking for any device
Posted on 27-Sep-2013 15:07 Articles, FinTech, by Bill Bennett

Westpac's $15 million investment in a mobile era online banking system appears to have paid off.

Are New Zealanders More Evolved Internet Users Than Aussies?
Posted on 22-May-2012 13:29 Articles, Broadband, by Alastair Thompson

Fascinating insights into the evolution of the NZ and Australian internet consumer are contained in new data being revealed exclusively in this column this month. The comparative data from Roy Morgan Research (RMR) is based on identical survey questions asked in Australia and NZ during 2011.

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