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Intel Centrino Core Duo/Solo Overview
Posted on 11-Feb-2006 13:06 Articles, Computing, by H Willan

We recently spoke with Graham Tucker from Intel Australia, who was over here in New Zealand for the product launch of the Centrino Duo. Questions ranged from handheld mobile devices through to mobility questions about benefits to notebooks/laptops we�ll see in the near future.

A Review of Operator Branding on Windows Mobile
Posted on 31-Jan-2006 19:18 Articles, Software, by A Karantze

Readers and customers of the operators may be curious to understand what exactly drives an operator to brand a device and add software to �improve� ease of use � especially for more advanced users who feel they don�t need the extra support.

Road Test of the GlobalSat BC-337 and BT-338 SiRFstar III GPS Receivers
Posted on 30-Jan-2006 22:25 Articles, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, by Peter Torr Smith

In this article I compare the GlobalSat BC-337 with the GlobalSat BT-338 connected to two Pocket PC during a short Sunday drive around Wellington.

Interview with Vincent Weafer, Symantec Security Response
Posted on 22-Dec-2005 22:14 Articles, Security

In this recorded interview you will hear his thoughts on Internet, wireless and mobile devices security. Vincent also cites the top best practices IT professionals should follow for best enterprise security.

Selecting a new Windows Mobile device
Posted on 10-Dec-2005 23:03 Articles, Windows Phone, by Darryl Burling

Confused with some of the current options in the Windows Mobile platform? Read our opinion in some of the current popular options.

Q&A: The Naming of Windows Vista
Posted on 18-Aug-2005 09:30 Articles, Windows, by M Freitas

The client version of Microsoft Windows code name "Longhorn" is now Windows Vista. Geekzone had an exclusive interview with John B. Williams, General Manager of Windows Communications, to find out how Windows Vista got its name.

What is on my Pocket PC?
Posted on 31-Jul-2005 14:49 Articles, Software, by M Freitas

Today I decided to list the programs I have installed in my Pocket PC. It is quite a variety there, and lots of screenshots.

Blackberry, Exchange 2003 SP2, Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0
Posted on 10-Jun-2005 00:42 Articles, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Some thoughts on how the Blackberry and the new Windows Mobile always-on e-mail approaches are similar - or different.

Developing for Windows Mobile Pocket PC with Sybase PocketBuilder
Posted on 20-Apr-2005 20:40 Articles, Development, by M Freitas

Sybase has prepared and released a document with background information and tutorial for developers in the Windows Mobile space.

Windows Mobile Always-up-to-date (AUTD) ActiveSync with Exchange Server 2003
Posted on 11-Feb-2005 17:29 Articles, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

In this article we look on how to configure and troubleshoot AUTD ActiveSync.

Defining a security policy for Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Posted on 10-Jan-2005 22:23 Articles, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, by Darryl Burling

Whether you are a personal user or a corporate employee, if you have a mobile device, you should either have a security policy of your own or be bound by a corporate one. Some users have an informal security policy, however many have no security policy at all and have not even thought through the security implications of owning a Pocket PC.

Using a Pocket PC CDMA 1x or CDMA EV-DO to connect a laptop to the Internet
Posted on 22-Nov-2004 11:18 Articles, Phone Edition

The new Windows Mobile Pocket PC CDMA EV-DO from Telecom New Zealand can connect your laptop (or desktop) to the Internet at 3G speeds.

T3G: Telecom New Zealand 3G service
Posted on 8-Nov-2004 21:19 Articles, 3G, by Darryl Burling

More personal information on Telecom New Zealand's new 3G network service, including pricing, equipments and e-mail synchronisation.

Some reasons to consider (or not) a Pocket PC Phone edition
Posted on 26-Sep-2004 21:06 Articles, Phone Edition, by Darryl Burling

In this article we cover some concepts and features of Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.

Controlling desktop media playback from your Pocket PC
Posted on 20-Sep-2004 20:04 Articles, Software, by Darryl Burling

This is a quick guide to controlling your digital music collection playing on your home stereo from your Pocket PC - for free.

Bluetooth ActiveSync Guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2
Posted on 11-Aug-2004 00:05 Articles, Bluetooth, by Darryl Burling

In this article we show how to configure and use your Windows XP Service Pack 2 desktop or notebook as a Bluetooth ActiveSync partner for your Pocket PC.

If e-mail dies - then what?
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 17:29 Articles, Computing, by Darryl Burling

The recent speculation on the dismissal of e-mail as an effective form of communication caused me some alarm, and to ask the question "What is the alternative?" and "What could work better than e-mail?".

Windows Mobile and e-mail: keeping all up-to-date
Posted on 12-Jun-2004 18:21 Articles, Software, by M Freitas

One of the main functionality in current connected handheld devices is e-mail. Users can collect e-mails from a server, have the e-mails sent to devices, and other little tricks. We tested some services that offer a combination of pull and push techniques to give the always-on e-mail experience.

How to connect your palmOne Zire 72 to GPRS using a Bluetooth mobile
Posted on 11-May-2004 23:10 Articles, Palm

The palmOne Zire 72 provides users with a new Bluetooth Wizard. We show in this article how to configure your Zire and how to use the Wizard to connect to a GPRS network using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

How to Hotsync your palmOne Zire 72 over Bluetooth
Posted on 11-May-2004 22:46 Articles, Palm, by M Freitas

The palmOne Zire 72 provides users with a new Bluetooth Wizard. We show in this article how to configure your computer and how to use the Wizard to complete a Hotsync via Bluetooth.

What consequences the market could expect if Dell decided to move and buy palmOne
Posted on 7-May-2004 21:50 Articles, Palm, by Darryl Burling

The rumour mill is suggesting that Dell may buy palmOne. What changes would happen to the market if this really happen? Time for some speculation from our point of view.

Getting the most from your Palm
Posted on 29-Apr-2004 22:11 Articles, Software, by James Shiell

James, our power Palm user friend, lists a series of software that he uses to enhance the experience of Palm devices.

The eternal Windows Mobile Pocket PC x Palm OS battle
Posted on 27-Apr-2004 22:36 Articles, Computing, by James Shiell

I asked my friend James, a Palm OS user, to have an i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition for a while and write his impressions on how these devices compare.

Bluetooth Guide for using the i-mate Smartphone2 as a modem for your Pocket PC
Posted on 19-Apr-2004 18:58 Articles, Bluetooth

In this article we show how to configure and use your i-mate Smartphone2 as a GPRS modem for your iPAQ Pocket PC over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth ActiveSync Guide for i-mate Smartphone2
Posted on 14-Apr-2004 21:03 Articles, Bluetooth

In this article we show how to configure and use your desktop or notebook as a Bluetooth ActiveSync partner for your i-mate Smartphone2.

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