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DVD to Mobile (Smartphone Edition) review
Posted on 16-Aug-2004 20:15Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

Video lovers have a tool to help them take their movies wherever they are, on their Windows Mobile Smartphone and a SD card. Comments (Comments)

Network Browser for Pocket PC review
Posted on 10-Aug-2004 20:26Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This program gives network users on Pocket PC plenty of useful resources. And can be an ally on security checks too. Comments (Comments)

Mobiledit! review
Posted on 6-Aug-2004 07:00Tags Reviews, Mobile, by M Freitas

If you have a feature phone it may be smart enough to perform some functions, but not to synchronise with your computer. Mobiledit! provides the features that will allow you full control on your mobile phone. Comments (Comments)

Bluetake Hi-Phono Bluetooth Audio Station Kit review
Posted on 4-Aug-2004 16:18Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

The latest Bluetooth device from Bluetake makes it even easier for audiophiles to enjoy music or movies, without much wires. And it works with computers and Pocket PC too. Comments (Comments)

Traffic Jam for Palm review
Posted on 2-Aug-2004 07:30Tags Reviews, Software, by James Shiell

This game consists of 200 odd levels where the object is to free the yellow car and get it to the exit. How does it stack against other games in the Palm world? Comments (Comments)

VisKeeper for Pocket PC review
Posted on 30-Jul-2004 07:00Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This flexible password storage program uses images to protect your information. On your Pocket PC, Windows PC or Palm OS device Comments (Comments)

SOTI PocketController Professional review
Posted on 28-Jul-2004 01:54Tags Reviews, Software, by Darryl Burling

This tool is interesting for Windows Mobile developers and professionals that need to demonstrate the device capabilities. Darryl gives a thorough run through its capabilities. Comments (Comments)

DeveloperOne Power Tasks review
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 07:30Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This is a powerful task manager that enhances the Windows Mobile Smartphone's built-in Task application, and uses the standard synchronisation to keep tasks up to date. Comments (Comments)

WordPop & 9-Men's-Morris for Palm review
Posted on 22-Jul-2004 07:30Tags Reviews, Software, by James Shiell

We have a look on two of Smart Box Design's smart games for the Palm OS platform. Comments (Comments)

eWallet 4.0 review
Posted on 21-Jul-2004 01:00Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This version shows how a software already best in its category can get better. Ilium Software's eWallet, the secure password and sensitive information keeper program for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Smartphone, Windows based PC and Palm OS gets a new version with nested categories, unlimited categories (Palm) and record level synchronisation (Windows Mobile). Comments (Comments)

SimWorks Anti-virus for Symbian review
Posted on 17-Jul-2004 15:58Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

The anti-virus software from kiwi company SimWorks is one of the first targeting the Symbian platform. With the CABIR worm proving that a mobile virus is a possibility, it seems natural that this type of software make its way to the mobile space. Comments (Comments)

HandyMenu review
Posted on 17-Jul-2004 11:45Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

This small software can save some Today screen space and give instant access to some Pocket PC configuration dialogs. Comments (Comments)

Stanaphone review
Posted on 12-Jul-2004 19:20Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

How to add a telephone number to your Pocket PC, short of buying a Pocket PC Phone Edition? Stanaphone has the answer. Comments (Comments)

Bluetake i-PHONO Bluetooth Hi-Fi headphone review
Posted on 9-Jul-2004 19:33Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

Read this: an easy to use Bluetooth product. Need to say more? The sound is great, true stereo and it works with Pocket PC, iPOD, Home Theatres, CD players and all mobile phones too. Comments (Comments)

Aeon of Discovery for Pocket PC review
Posted on 6-Jul-2004 23:58Tags Reviews, Games, by M Freitas

Feeling like a Conquistador today? You'll need plenty of time to conquer your enemies in the New World with this game. Comments (Comments)

Chapura TurboPasswords 3.0 review
Posted on 6-Jul-2004 19:19Tags Reviews, Software, by James Shiell

The good people at Chapura, better known for PocketMirror, have recently added a new piece of software to their line-up: TurboPasswords. And they've bought a new feature to the table – integration with Internet Explorer – and they're promoting it for all it's worth. And is it worth it? Read on. Comments (Comments)

JAVOEge Skin case review
Posted on 4-Jul-2004 16:43Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

There's a smart way to protect your Pocket PC (or Palm) device, with a skin tight rubber case. We have a close look at it. Comments (Comments)

MemMaid for Pocket PC review
Posted on 1-Jul-2004 21:10Tags Reviews, Software, by M Freitas

Like other Windows devices, your Pocket PC needs some care. Temporary files, Internet cache files and other things lurk without being noticed. Until MemMaid comes around to help with the clean up job. Comments (Comments)

Sony Ericsson GC82 and AT&T Wireless EDGE review
Posted on 27-Jun-2004 17:32Tags Reviews, EDGE, by M Freitas

I have spent some time using the service in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, and here are my thoughts. Comments (Comments)

Agendus 8 Pro review
Posted on 22-Jun-2004 06:00Tags Reviews, Software, by James Shiell

A close view on the latest version of Agendus for Palm OS devices. Comments (Comments)

Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard review
Posted on 14-Jun-2004 19:25Tags Reviews, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Think Outside’s new product is a clever piece of engineering and creativity in a single product. We tested it with a couple of Pocket PC, and yes we used it to write this article. Comments (Comments)

PMG devices review
Posted on 7-Jun-2004 20:31Tags Reviews, Bluetooth, by M Freitas

I first heard of Personal Mobile Gateway (PMG) during the Bluetooth Americas 2003. IXI now makes the first PMG devices available and we have a first look into this new class of devices. Comments (Comments)

PocketBreeze for Pocket PC review
Posted on 6-Jun-2004 18:53Tags Reviews, Software, by Jim McGowan

Most serious PDA users value their PIM (Personal Information Manager) more than anything else on their device. The only difficulty with PIMs is having to get out the stylus and tap your way past your Today screen and into the guts of the PIM software. PocketBreeze has taken away that part, at least for most interactions with your existing PIM information. Comments (Comments)

Boxwave miniSync review
Posted on 3-Jun-2004 17:10Tags Reviews, Computing, by M Freitas

If you're a mobile professional and need to keep your PDA (and some mobile phones) always charged and in sync, the miniSync retractable cable is for you. Comments (Comments)

Sony Clie TH55 review
Posted on 1-Jun-2004 17:30Tags Reviews, Palm, by James Shiell

In this review, James tells us what is behind the Wi-Fi enabled Palm OS based Clie TH55, a PDA with great media support and nice profile. Comments (Comments)

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