Responsive Website - How important is it?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 16-Jul-2015 16:31

Ensuring your website ranks as high as it can in Google should be your number one goal with your website. More and more people are using mobile devices to view the internet, this is a fact that everyone is getting used to. Mainly this advent has come about because of Apple making the ipad and iphones and then Android making their cheaper range of mobile devices. However websites are made primarily with computer screens in mind, the standard LCD computer screen is quite different in size and orie (read the entire post)...

Email Data At Risk!

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 3-Jun-2015 14:52

There has been a few comments on the Geekzone forum lately about email issues, so I thought I would write an article about it. All the time people are playing Russian Roulette with their emails. Generally all the problems come from people using 'Free email services'. Like pop email, imap email, xtra email, Gmail and other free email system.
These free systems are great until something goes wrong! You may ask what could possible go wrong? Let me tell you.

Your laptop, iPhone, pc o (read the entire post)...

When to upgrade to higher quality hosting?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 14-May-2015 14:16

This is how it all starts - your email bounces back, you try and decipher the bounce back message and it says something like 'the email server has rejected your email because of reputation.' You think to your self 'What does that even mean?'
After several hours of trying to figure out the issue and talking to your hosting provider, you find out that your domain name and IP address has been black listed because someone on your cheap shared webhosting server is sending spam and because you s (read the entire post)...

Avoid the Web Design Lock in

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 14-Jul-2014 16:58

If I was to ask you who owns your website, your initial reaction to that question may be 'Well I do, I paid a design company thousands of dollars for it'. This is the answer that most people may give but there are a lot of web design companies that are using proprietary systems to make websites which means that you are locked into their system whether you like it or not. Tell me, what would you think if you had a friend that was going to rent some land off a certain landlord and then that friend (read the entire post)...

Fibre To The ______?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 11-May-2010 16:46

In the not too distant future most homes and businesses in major towns and cities in New Zealand will have access to ultra-fast broadband. Thanks in large to the latest initial by the New Zealand government to invest 1.5 billion dollars into catching New Zealand up with the rest of the OECD nations in terms of national broadband speed.

My business is IT so having a bigger, faster and more secure internet connections is always a good thing for me and my clients. However I can't help (read the entire post)...

How To Speed Up Your PC

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 30-Mar-2010 00:04

Lets set the scene, your old XP machine that you have been running for the last 4-5 years has gotten old and it is now time to upgrade. You have saved up and now you decide to purchase brand new Windows 7 PC. You wisely decided to skip the whole Vista episode and you are looking forward to a speedier machine to work with.
You take your brand new machine out of the box and boot it up with a smile on your face like it is Christmas and what the… What is all this? Your brand new (read the entire post)...

Free Webinars About Hosted IT Services For Businesses

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 18-Dec-2009 05:10

CyberHub is running a series of free webinars about how Hosted IT Services or Cloud Computing can assist your organisation in reducing IT costs and infrastructure while increasing functionality, utilisation and collaboration.

Topics Being Covered Include:

Hosted Small Business Server

Google Apps™ for Business

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Office Communication Server

The webinars will be aim (read the entire post)...

Easy Google Docs

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 25-Sep-2009 17:13

Come and listen to a presentation about Google Docs and how your business/organisation can benefit from it.

Easier to share documents quickly, and they are never on the wrong hard drive.

Dan Ballard of CyberHub will talk about how to set up and realise the benefits of this aspect of cloud computing.

Come along to see the essentials of Google Docs so you can make your own mind up.

Call Holly on 4996360 to RSVP, please note that there are only 12 spaces (read the entire post)...

How to Outsource Your Exchange Server

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 10-Aug-2009 17:10

When considering outsourcing any of your business infrastructure the first two things to ascertain is, will the services be better than what is currently provided and do the figures stack up for such a change.

When an exchange server is hosted locally there are a surprisingly high amount of hidden costs which are generally not considered in the initial offering. Some of the hidden costs of having a local exchange server include:

- Backups & Restores $5,000-$10,000 (1Hr/wee (read the entire post)...

Can You Trust Your IT Advisor?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 30-Jul-2009 17:49

This is an important question to ask, let me relate this story to you so you understand what I mean.

A couple of months ago I meet up with the owner of a small consultancy company because they experienced data loss on their laptop. I explained the best way to prevent this happening in the future is to go for an online automated backup solution, the cost was $49 to setup and $19 per month and the backup would happen every day as long as the laptop was connected to the internet (read the entire post)...

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