How Important Is It To Make Sure That Your Wireless Internet Is Secure?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 6-Jun-2008 15:40

In a day and age where teenagers are being implicated in international computer hacking rings so serious that the FBI get involved it is very important to secure your wireless internet. Some studies suggest that up to 13% of home wireless networks and 16% of business wireless networks are unsecured, these networks are easily compromised by anyone with a laptop with a wireless network card. 

In most cases the greatest risk involved is people stealing your bandwidth to download movies which means you could have a broadband bill blowout.  Overseas there have been cases of people hacking business networks and stealing customers credit card details and more insidious are the cases of pedophiles using unsecured wireless networks to upload and download child porn. Police do a trace on the persons broadband connection and find that someone has simply not enabled the security on their wireless router.  

Generally the most common reason for poor wireless security is not knowing how to set it up, this is not a great excuse and won’t work when explaining to your broadband provider why you should not pay your $1000 broadband bill blowout or worse explaining to a judge that it was not you who was using your wireless network for criminal activity.  An easy way to avoid any of these problems is simply enable the security on your wireless network.  If you do not know how to setup wireless security get in touch with your IT supplier.

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Comment by mckenndk, on 6-Jun-2008 20:11

I have to say at times even security in companys is not up to scratch with people using usb drives with no encryption and staff laptops with no encryption even leaving them so open so their kids can install games/software on them even after so much has gone on in the media over a navy laptop being stolen with staffs bank details on it and a cds with alot of personal details on it from Her magesterys revenue and customs department.

But I have not seen any increase in keeping data safe since all of this and I work for a government department and no one really seems to care until it hits them then they will make the change.


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