Why Is Some Broadband Providers Faster Than Others?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 13-Aug-2008 17:16

It is sad but it is true, not all broadband is created equal.  The reason for this can be wide and varied everything from having a slow pc to not having the correct settings.  However as you know New Zealand is not renowned for it’s fast broadband and the actual reason for that is because we don’t have a big enough population base and the population that is here is spread out into rural areas that are not cost effective for suppliers to install faster broadband. 

Fibre is going to be the broadband for the future and a great example of a company bringing fibre to everyday businesses is
CityLink.  For the rest of us outside the reach of their network we have to settle for ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) until fibre is available to everyday users. 

However not all ADSL providers are the same, ISP’s (Internet Services Provider’s) purchase a certain amount of back haul which ADSL users like you and me connect to the internet through.  The trouble is ISP’s cram as many customers as they can onto these connections and when it gets filled up it simply goes slow, like when someone turns the hot water on in your house and your shower is cold and with both situations, it is frustrating. 

Here is a fantastic article discussing the issue more in depth.


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Comment by sbiddle, on 13-Aug-2008 19:21

If you think that Fibre and ADSL are the only 2 options for broadband you really need to do some more research!

If you live in Wellington, Kapiti or Christchurch you have access to TCL's cable network which offers speeds faster than ADSL. NZ has nationwide satellite broadband coverage and most regions have at least 1 or 2 wireless providers who can provide very good quality broadband connections (real speeds not Woosh speeds). Then you have Telecom and Vodafone both offering mobile broadband options. Telecom also have SHDSL connectivity which offers guaranteed bandwidth..

There are plenty of options available - if you have poor quality ADSL then shop around. Also ensure that your house wiring is up the the mark - there are large numbers of people who post on Geekzone complaing about poor broadband speeds and frequent disconnects who in the end find that it's not their ISP who's doing anything wrong but their house wiring which is causing issues.

Author's note by cyberhub, on 14-Aug-2008 08:59

Yes sbiddle you are correct, there are many other versions of broadband I did not mention, wireless, VDSL, ADSL2+ etc.  However the point of my article was not to list every type of broadband available.   

The fact of the matter is most people are on ADSL and I believe that fibre is going to be the connectivity choice of the future and all these other technologies are simply intermediatries.

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