When to upgrade to higher quality hosting?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 14-May-2015 14:16

When to upgrade to higher quality hostingThis is how it all starts – your email bounces back, you try and decipher the bounce back message and it says something like “the email server has rejected your email because of reputation.”  You think to your self “What does that even mean?”

After several hours of trying to figure out the issue and talking to your hosting provider, you find out that your domain name and IP address has been black listed because someone on your cheap shared webhosting server is sending spam and because you share the same IP address, you get tarred with the same brush as this spammer.


You are using shared webhosting and another website on your shared webserver is using up all the resources causing your website to perform poorly or even crash.  Not good!

You want a specific php module or need ssh access to your webserver and your webhost just won’t give it to you.

If you have been in any of these positions it means that you have found out some of the perils of cheap shared webhosting.  

The problem with shared hosting

Here is a list of some of the issues that you may experience when on shared webhosting

  • Other websites interfering with your website
  • No ssh access
  • Other websites black listing your shared IP address
  • Lack of resources
  • Unable to customise the webserver
  • Email sending issues

Going for the cheapest price is great when you are starting out and getting your head around webhosting and websites but when you are wanting more control and dedicated resources it is time to look at alternatives.

Better SEO results in Google from dedicated hosting

With shared webhosting, a host will put sometimes hundreds of websites on one webserver with one IP address, which eventually will cause you issues as already mentioned.  Also, one of the ranking algorithms that Google uses to rank websites is whether the website has it’s own IP address or whether it is shared with others.

You can check to see how many other websites are hosted on the same webserver as you by visiting, who is on your webserver and entering your website url.

Another factor that Google uses to rank sites is website loading speed, if your website loads slow, your website will get down ranked.  Which is not good for you or your potential customers.

So going with cheap webhosting may actually be costing you valuable Google rankings, website visitor, leads and sales.

What to look for when in a website hosting provider

Having a range of hosting options is really important, ideally you want a host that will grow with your requirements.  For example you can start out with cheap shared hosting, then move to a hosting account that gives you a dedicated IP address, then you can move to your own virtual private server with it’s own IP and resources and then if you website gets really big you have the ability to move to a dedicated server with worldwide CDN to ensure you get the best worldwide speeds.

Price has been a big factor in the past but now it is cost effective to get webhosting with a dedicated IP address and the cost of a VPS with dedicated resources are now really affordable when you consider the amount of issues that you may be avoiding and better potential Google rankings.


Cheap webhosting is certainly good to get you started but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.  If you are starting to have issues associated with a shared hosting platform it is certainly a good time to look at moving to a more suitable hosting platform for you.

Dan Ballard
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Comment by ajobbins, on 20-May-2015 17:23

I'm a big fan of separating email out from web hosting. Shared hosting is often fine for small businesses who need a fairly static site, or even a word press or small shopping cart type site.

Email services like Google Apps are VERY cheap these days, and highly robust. Often email being offline has a much bigger impact than the website, and having them separate makes scaling up the web side easier if required.

I run about 15 different small sites on a $5 VPS and they all work nicely. Many are Wordpress, but I host NO mail on that server and all mail requirements are done by either Google Apps of Office 365

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