Is Your Server Ripping You Off?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 6-Jul-2009 15:25

In the 80's if an organisation with multiple branches wanted computers available to their staff the only option available was to have dumb terminals linking to a server which ran the programs, stored data and did all the processing. The main reason being is that to get any decent computing power out of computers at that time they had to be huge, sometimes taking up whole floors of buildings. However there were other advantages to this type of setup, some of which include; data was centralized (read the entire post)...

Is Tape Back Up Dead?

By Dan Ballard, in , posted: 8-Dec-2008 13:13

Traditionally speaking tape has been the default format for the backing up of critical organisational data, and a good choice it was. The main benefits being, that tapes are relatively stable and portable so you can get the courier or a staff member to come and take those tapes offsite to a secure location, ensuring that critical organisational data is safe in the event of a disaster. However tape backups are highly labour intensive and the real cost of tape backups are rarely calculated. Often (read the entire post)...

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