Upgrading the EO to RC2

, posted: 16-Oct-2006 07:49

This weekend I upgraded the EO to RC2 of Windows Vista.

Rather than do a full reinstall I decided to see what the upgrade experience was like since Vista is able to upgrade from RC1 to RC2 and the full install cycle (what again!?) didn't thrill me.

Firstly if you dont know, upgrading Windows Vista is MUCH slower than installing from scratch.  A full install from scratch can be as little as 20-30 mins, where a upgrade may take three hours.  However, the time difference in theory should save the hours of reinstalling applications on the other side.

The upgrade itself went smoothly. No problems encountered at all. 

Once done I noticed that the display drivers had been updated, and that this was a bad thing (800x600 means screen panning on an EO).

I also noticed that the drivers for the buttons had been broken.

In both cases I just installed the drivers from the CD that came with the EO and everything worked as it should.

I was surprised to see that the digitiser didn't break at all.  The calibration seems better after the install than it was before the install.

I also installed RC2 on my home computer (blowing away the really old XP install).

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Comment by Attila, on 3-Nov-2006 15:44

Hey, I just wanted to know if I had the RC1 Vista would I be able to upgrade to the full version when it comes out next year? or would I have to buy the whole thing and do a fresh install of the OPS????

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