Local coverage and a Vista TIP tip

, posted: 17-Oct-2006 22:05

We've had some local UMPC coverage here in NZ.

Rod did, as did Tim.

I agree with Tim.  This device is great for a secondary PC, I dont use mine for things like coding (painful with a pen), but its great for reading and surfing on.

In Vista there are new controls in the TIP (TIP = Tablet Input Panel) for getting webpages up.  You now have a button for the "http://" and another button for "www.".  If you set your local for NZ you also get ".co" and ".nz" buttons as well as the ".com" button, so to go to a webpage using the TIP you just hit the "http://" and the "www." buttons, write in the domain name and hit the appropriate TLD buttons and you are done.  Simple and nice.

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Comment by juha, on 18-Oct-2006 10:03

The "Tim" link goes to Rod's blog :)

Author's note by darrylb, on 18-Oct-2006 11:33

Doh!  Fixed - thanks!

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