UMPC's coming to NZ

, posted: 27-Nov-2006 21:39

I just got word from Hugo that he's signed a deal with an unnamed New Zealand distributor to resell UMPC's here in New Zealand.

He wouldn't tell me who it was, but very soon we will be able to buy TabletKiosks, Samsung Q1 UMPC's and Fujitsus Ultra portables.

Interesting.  It will be good to get all the accessories, etc here in NZ... not to mention the ability to buy them here.

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Comment by chiefie, on 27-Nov-2006 22:08

(posting from my jasjam)

Good to hear that. I just hope my eo 7210 gets here soon.

Comment by freitasm, on 28-Nov-2006 00:10

I wonder if we will end up having extra margins since a middle man is hiring a second middle man...


Author's note by darrylb, on 28-Nov-2006 00:24

I dont know.  I have been thinking about getting one of these though...

Comment by Hugo Ortega, on 29-Nov-2006 03:52

Cheers Darryl,

Thanks for the rather unexpected shout-out. I will get more details to you once I am "allowed." In regards to the bag I will ship one to you (as a gift) once they get in stock late next week...

In regards to Mauricio's comment I am bummed by his take on this. Not only does Samsung and ASUS and others not want to expand to New Zealand at this time, but TabletKiosk has no intention at all. My move to the market is a reflection on the fact that we shipped 6 units there this week alone, so I thought it would be welcomed news, not jeered at. Anyway, perhaps Mauricio will be kind enough to look at the cup half full on UMPC in NZ. :-)

Comment by freitasm, on 29-Nov-2006 14:13

I think Hugo read my comment in the wrong way. I am happy we have a distributor coming here.

I just wondered if the NZ price is going to be inflated since we are not having a direct deal from the manufacturer, but from a distributor to another. And each one needs to keep their margins for the business to keep working.

As for Asus, they do have their UMPCs in New Zealand, through Renaissance.

Author's note by darrylb, on 29-Nov-2006 17:09

Thanks Hugo!  Very nice of you :-)

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