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, posted: 28-Nov-2006 11:12

Further to the saga I posted about yesterday, I again tried uploading an updated website last night.

Again, trying to upload the same tiny files (1kb up to 48 kb) was constantly failing.  I literally spent hours trying to upload the files.  At one stage the winds seemed to be blowing right and I managed to upload eight or nine files without problems.  However I was completely unable to upload the other files using HTTP Post (through the hosts control panel) or FTP (commandline or not).

This morning I tried again, still no go, so I dumped the files onto a USB key and brought them into work.

I logged onto the control panel front end and selected multiple files to upload, clicked the submit button and viola!  IT JUST WORKS!

So what was the difference?  Simple - Here at work we DONT use Xtra broad(yeah right) band.

I'm not one for complaining much, I tend to live with little problems and work around them, and I'm not one for making dramatic announcements, but the Xtra Go Large plan has caused me to loose sleep (3 hours trying (unsuccessfully) to upload 80kb to a server??), get frustrated and eventually give up.

I'm switching to Orcon.  Bye bye Xtra.  I'm going where I can get the service I'm paying for.

Thanks to Brad for the suggestion!

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Comment by bradstewart, on 28-Nov-2006 17:10

Good luck with the switch. Hope it works out as well for you as it did for me

Comment by btrevarthen, on 28-Nov-2006 23:05

Great post, and a very common topic these days I must say, I'm hearing at least one Xtra horror story a day at the moment.

Author's note by darrylb, on 29-Nov-2006 07:53

Thanks Bruce.  Hopefully that will be the last one for me for a while.

Comment by q, on 30-Nov-2006 16:09

From a technical diagnosis perspective I'd make sure you didn't have a duplex mismatch....

Author's note by darrylb, on 30-Nov-2006 23:14

Q - When did you start reading blogs????

Good of you to drop by

The funny thing is that I haven't adjusted my modem.  But your comment warrants investigation. 


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