Blogging on Geekzone - four differentiators

, posted: 29-Nov-2006 07:53

I've been blogging for a few years now.  I started on my own site at, then I started at Microsoft and got a MSDN blog, Not long after that I also got a Space, and since then I've had a little experience with blogger too. 

If you think I have too many blogs... you are probably right.  I do pull them all into one RSS feed on Smile

But there is something unique about blogging on Geekzone that I've been thinking about blogging on for a while.

I've harped about this before, but I dont know of many (if any) blogs that allow you to monetise them as easily as geekzone blogs.  Very nice.

Because Geekzone is well ranked on the various search engines and because Mauricio does a very good job of understanding search and net rankings this means that when ever I post on a subject it gets good readership.  Promoting the latest blog entries on the front page makes a big difference too.  The end result of this is that generally you'll get one to two hundred reads within 24 hours.  And this is on a blog with very low readership.

The geekzone community plugs into the blogging engine really nicely.  Even on my MSDN blog, I'm often lucky if I get one or two comments over a week.  On Geekzone, I consistently get several comments within a couple of hours of posting.

The comment management system is unique too.  If a user posts a comment it require confirmation.  An email confirmation gets sent to them - they have to click the link to confirm the comment.  If they dont confirm their comment it automatically gets deleted after 3 days.  I dont even have to worry about it.  And no comment gets posted without my approval.

I still think there are a couple of things that would be nice to have... referral information would be nice :-)

But I'm here to stay - this is a cool place to blog Smile

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Comment by chiefie, on 29-Nov-2006 08:49

I agree... It is a great place here and has a unique sense of content too. I have a MSN/WL Spaces and working on a personal blog on my website but my geekzone blog will always be about technology and gadgets.

Comment by juha, on 29-Nov-2006 14:38

Agreed; GZ blogs work quite well, and Mauricio's very receptive to suggestions which is nice.

Comment by antoniosk, on 29-Nov-2006 19:14

Concur - it's one thing to set up something for others to share and participate in, and quite another for it to be actually used and take on a life of it's own.

Mauricio is one of those rare things in life that works and succeeds - because of the effort and the community participation.

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