Is this my next UMPC?

, posted: 19-Jan-2007 08:50

Engadget have the scoop on a nice looking UMPC.  No one knows who the manufacturer is, but it looks interesting none the less.

Engadgets story is here, and Carrypad has more information here (Go Steve!)

I've got clearance to get a new UMPC (at some stage - not tomorrow), so maybe this is it?

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Comment by geekiegeek, on 19-Jan-2007 09:10

Wow, that looks pretty nice man. I dont think I'll have clearance to upgrade my R2H any time soon though :-)

Comment by chiefie, on 19-Jan-2007 09:27

I read about this, this morning too... I got my eo i7210 about 6 weeks ago and is doing pretty good. Though, a couple of weeks after I placed my order for it... Fujitsu's P1610 came out and it looks even better albeit it only have 512mb ram... And I read that the ram upgrade for Fujitsu is very expensive.

Anyhow... Did you get a recovery CD/DVD for your UMPC? I haven't got any and there's not recovery image on the hdd at all. Emailed Hugo but haven't heard anything back from him... :-(

Comment by ctitanic, on 9-Mar-2007 06:15

Darryl, you said that you have a Q1p with Vista fully working. Could you help passing us the drivers?

Author's note by darrylb, on 9-Mar-2007 17:59

Hey ctitanic,

No - I only have a Eo 7110 running Vista.  The drivers for that are all online or XP versions.

I think my next UMPC will be the Samsung Q2 ( now

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