UMPC - coming downunder next month!

, posted: 30-Mar-2006 11:16

I just got of an MSN call (MSN 8 is really good for voice now) with Hugo Ortega from Tegatech.

They're now taking pre-orders for the UMPC from their website.  It looks very nice - its the same design as the screen emulator.

I ordered the model with a 40 Gig hard drive and 512 Mb RAM, although I'm hoping to get it bumped up to 1 Gig if I can.

So I've ordered and prepaid, and Hugo tells me that I'm going to be one of 300 people world wide included in the first shipment.  Nice.

I'll post my experiences here when it arrives in a few weeks.

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Trackback by Geekzone, on 30-Mar-2006 12:48

Just received an e-mail from a friend who has already ordered his UMPC from Tegatech, based in Australia. The devices are the eo UMPC v7110 256/30 and eo UMPC v7110 512/40 with options of Black or White.

Comment by chiefie, on 30-Mar-2006 13:36

what would the battery life be? i'm in between, whether should i get xbox360, Dell axim v51 (or any VGA WM5 pda), or UMPC or Tablet PC... mmmmm i like the idea of UMPC but i know very little about what it can do for me... :-s well i know what it can be used as but... *confused*

Author's note by darrylb, on 30-Mar-2006 13:41

I'm putting together a "why this makes sense" type of blog post on this subject... stay tuned. My immediate advise though would be to consider seriously the overlap between the Dell and the UMPC and which one makes sense for what you want to do. This will probably come down to what applications you want to run on it combined with what you want to carry around with you. They are not for everyone (what is) but they make lots of sense in some scenarios.

Comment by chiefie, on 30-Mar-2006 13:55

cool. looking forward to a pros-cons matrix in comparing VGA PocketPC and UMPC. I probably will continue using WM2003 Smartphone2 (or WM5 Smartphone5, or N80 for 3G) and have VGA Pocket PC OR UMPC for WiFi, Internet, Media, all round usage that doesn't require extensive keyboard typing. I like the sound of UMPC, but at the moment they seems a bit too big, i like OQO 01+ but Mauricio did pointed out that it gets very hot and tiny screen (although I think it's pretty alright) Another thing with UMPC EO, is that you can use it as secondary screen? I'm very keen on that, wonder how that works?

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