Not designed to be pocketable

, posted: 31-Mar-2006 07:48

Layne Heiny has noted that pocketability is not everything...

Good point.  I dont know anyone who puts a Pocket PC in their Pocket - isn't that odd?  I put my K-Jam on my belt because I dont want it to get scratched or dusty, and I suspect many others are the same.

A good number of people put a phone in their pocket, but phones are complimentary to UMPC's where some think that a Pocket PC is a better concept than a UMPC for mobile data entry.

I particularly liked this comment
Personally, there is absolutely no way the phone would be carried on my belt. Phones are not fashion statements. Phones are interruptions. Thus, my phone is usually lost and I wait for someone to call so that I can spend a few minutes listening to the ring and trying to find it.
I think the average person often considers their phone to be a fashion accessory of sorts (isn't that the appeal of the RAZR?).

I expect that my UMPC will live in a leather folder and will accompany me that way.


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