EO - the good the bad and the ugly

, posted: 6-Apr-2006 22:03

I've been perusing the user manual for the EO UMPC and have come up with a list of good, bad and ugly features.

Full details for all these features are in the manual - feel free to download it.

 - The EO includes a stand and according to page 21 (marked as page 11) the stylus can also serve as a stand. 
 - The EO also includes headphones.
 - Docking port on bottom
 - As well as navigating with your finger or stylus, you also have the choice of a D-Pad (right side of the device) or a pointing stick (left side of the device) - even left handed people should be able to work with it easily.
 - Hardware WiFi switch
 - The ability to remap buttons is included natively
 - 850grams... not too heavy for a first gen device.

 - The stylus is on the bottom of the device, meaning it will be hard to extract if the device is docked.
 - 2.2 hours @ 26W/h - not a long battery life under "typical" condition.
 - A single SODIMM slot limits memory to 1Gb and forces you to toss out what you get with the device

 - The warning on page 20 (marked page 10) to not press on the back of the device.
 - No VGA output - IMHO this is a really bad omission.  You HAVE to get a docking station to use an external screen (assuming they will be available and will have a VGA output).

Miscellaneous notes
 - The image on page 14 (marked page 4) indicates that the device has a single front speaker.  Thus, no stereo sound, however the text on page 55(45) would indicate otherwise.

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Comment by freitasm, on 6-Apr-2006 23:27

I really like my Windows Mobile device - so much so that it makes me think twice before splashing out some cash on a UMPC. Pocket PC are so small, fit in a pocket (no pun intendend, right?) and the battery can last longer than this. I can't see people carrying UMPCs around when they go out to the movies for example - and I carry my Pocket PC all the time (you know I live by my e-mail).

Author's note by darrylb, on 6-Apr-2006 23:30

I understand where you are coming from. Personally for me, I've got apps that I want to run that dont work on a Windows Mobile device. But seeing the battery kind of takes me back to 2000 with the old Compaq iPAQ 3630 Pocket PC and the appalling battery life that had...

Comment by Frank J., on 7-Apr-2006 06:26

According to the guys of TabletKiosk the docking station has a VGA port. And yes, it will be a docking station aka cradle.

Comment by chiefie, on 7-Apr-2006 09:04

the docking station/cradle has not been officially announced and is not indicated at the website whether they are confirmed coming or it may be available later. So if eo did not sell well, then you might forget about the cradle. I think eo is alright as an entry, though battery life is measely short and more like a joke, but the ability to run full windows softwares is ideal. I'm still eyeing on Samsung Q1, shame it is only using Celeron M. What's the performance between Celeron M 900mhz and VIA's 1GHz chip? Is it possible to see a projected performance and battery life with today's available UMPC?

Comment by KevDaly, on 10-Apr-2006 19:22

While the Samsung Q1 is a more desirable device IMO, they did have to go and price it as a Tablet PC, which means they will sell about 5 and write the whole thing off as a bad idea by the end of the year. Which is a terrible shame. The fact that it transpires that none of the manufacturers are providing drivers that support orientation-switching is also discouraging. However, provided that enough UMPCs sell to keep the platform alive long enough to have a 2nd wave, I think the eo looks like a good choice for developers (you can buy one to familiaise yourself with the platform without facing impoverishment).

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