Fujitsu UMPC???

, posted: 6-Apr-2006 22:20

While the Fujitsu UMPC concept may appeal to some and get some people talking, I dont find it anything to really get excited about.


You have to carry the keyboard around with it.  Sure the device is small, but the keyboard limits the ways you can use the device.  Namely you have to be sitting at a table to use it efficiently.  At least with a laptop you can use the thing on your knee - but with a folding keyboard even this isn't possible.

Besides, with other UMPC models, you have the option of carting around a keyboard (bluetooth keyboards are pretty tiny) if you want to - the EO even can use the stylus as a stand. 

The docked idea is good, but the other UMPC's do that too, so the only feature that stands out is the keyboard which is really not a postive addition.

At least its only a concept.

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